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The Pythagoream Thereom is a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Written out it is a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

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Q: What is (a-b plus c)2?
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How do you show that ab plus ab plus cc equals abc?

If, as is normal, ab represents a times b, etc then ab + ab + cc = 2ab + c2 which is generally not the same as abc.

What would c2 plus c2 plus c2 plus c2 be simplified to?


A plus b plus c whole square?

(a+b+c) 2=a2+ab+ac+ba+b2+bc+ca+cb+c2a2+b2+c2+2ab+2bc+2ca [ ANSWER!]

What is c2 plus 6c plus 9 Factored?


What is the length of side C of a triangle when side A and side B and angle AB are known?

C = sqrt(C2) C2 = A2 + B2 - 2 A B cos(AB)

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)?

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)

If a2 plus b2 plus c2 - ab - bc - ca equals 0 then prove a equals b equals c?

a2 + b2 + c2 - ab - bc - ca = 0 => 2a2 + 2b2 + 2c2 - 2ab - 2bc - 2ca = 0 Rearranging, a2 - 2ab + b2 + b2 - 2bc + c2 + c2 - 2ca + a2 = 0 => (a2 - 2ab + b2) + (b2 - 2bc + c2) + (c2 - 2ca + a2) = 0 or (a - b)2 + (b - c)2 + (c - a)2 = 0 so a - b = 0, b - c = 0 and c - a = 0 (since each square is >=0) that is, a = b = c

Can a mom with o plus blood have a Ab plus child?

No , a mom with o plus will have a o plus child only. If the child is ab plus then mom will also be ab plus

If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

If a2 plus b2 equals c2 then c2 equals b2 equals?


If father is type AB- and mother is type AB plus can their child be A plus?

yeah the child can be A+, B+ or AB+

Ab plus bc equals bc plus ab what property is this?


Why is the Pythagorean therm a2 plus b2 equals c2 not a plus b equals c?

l a2 b2 is c2!!Its completely norma

What is the blood type of the baby if the mother is o plus and the father is ab plus?

then the baby will be O plus, or AB plus , I think .

Can a ab plus mother and b plus father gives a child o plus blood?

no they cant. they can only give a birth to another ab plus, or another b plus and an a plus... coz th possible genotype for ab is only AB. th possible genotype for b is BB or OB.

What does ab plus ab equals?


Acidified k2cr2o7 plus h2 plus color?


What is the balanced equation for C2 H2 plus H2 equals C2 H6?

C2h2+ 2h2 = c2h6

What is the property that says ab plus c equals ab plus ac?

associative property

Yb2 plus IS paramagnetic or diamagnetic?


If a plus b plus c equals x plus y plus z then prove a2 plus b2 plus c2 equals x2 plus y2 plus z2?

a2+b2+c2=x2+y2+z2 divide each side by 2 (a2+b2+c2)/2=(x2+y2+z2)/2 a+b+c=x+y+z

Could a mother with ab plus blood type and father with o plus blood type have ab plus baby?


Patient is AB plus what kind of platelets can they receive?

AB pos or AB neg

Can a woman with B plus positive blood and a man with AB- blood have a child with AB plus positive blood?

Can a woman who has B+ blood and a man who has AB- blood have a child with AB+ blood?

Factorize x2 plus bx plus ax plus ab?

x2+bx+ax+ab = x2+ax+bx+ab = x(x+a)+b(x+a) = (x+a)(x+b)