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6x2-17x+7 = (2x-1)(3x-7) when factored

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Q: What is 6x2-17x plus 7 factored?
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Related questions

How do you write 9x2 plus 2x-7 in factored form?

9x2+2x-7 = (9x-7)(x+1) when factored

What is 7d2 plus 50d plus 7?

That can be factored into (7d + 1)(d + 7)

What does 30a2 plus 89a plus 63 factored down to?

30a2+89a+63 = (5a+9)(6a+7) when factored

What is the factored form of w2 plus 18w plus 77?

w2+18w+77 = (w+7)(w+11) when factored

What is y2 plus 8x plus 7 factored?

This is not factor-able.

X2 plus 7 plus 12?

It is: (x+3)(x+4) when factored

What is b squared plus 8x plus 7 factored equals?

b2 + 8x + 7. 7 and 1 add up to be 8 and multiply to be 7. So therefore, it would be factored as: (b+1)(b+7)

What is 6t squared plus 17t plus 7?

6t2+17t+7 = (3t+7)(2t+1) when factored

How do you factor 3x squared plus 10x plus 7?

3x2+10x+7 = (3x+7)(x+1) when factored

3a(a plus 4)-2a plus 7?

It can be simplified to: 3a^2 +10a+7 or factored as (3a+7)(a+1)

X2 plus 12x plus 35 factored?

(x + 7)(x + 5)

How do you factor 49 plus 14b plus b squared?

b2+14b+49 = (b+7)(b+7) when factored

How do you solve 7r2 plus 48r-7?

7r2+48r-7 = (7x-1)(x+7) when factored

Factorise x squared plus 13x plus 42?

It is (x+6)(x+7) when factored

Can 3 n squared plus 7 n plus 4 be factored?

Yes, it can. ANY equation of this form can be factored. The factors may not be integers or even real numbers, though.

Is this trinomial a trinomial square x2 plus 14x plus 49?

x2+14x+49 = (x+7)(x+7) when factored

What is r2 plus 6r-7 quadratically factorized?

r2+6r-7 = (r+7)(r-1) when factored

What is the quadratic function of x2 plus 6x-7?

x2+6x-7 = (x+7)(x-1) when factored

What is 2a plus 2b in factored form?

2(a+b) is 2a plus 2b in factored form.

9x squared plus 11x-14 factored is?

(9x + 7)(x - 2)

Y2 -9y plus 14 in factored form?

(y - 7)(y - 2)

How do you factor x2 plus X-42?

It is: (x+7)(x-6) when factored

How do you factor 25a2 minus 70a plus 49?

25a2-70a+49 = (5x-7)(5x-7) when factored

What equals 25x2-70x plus 49 by factoring?

252-70x+49 = (5x-7)(5x-7) when factored

What is x squared minus 9x plus 14?

It is: (x-2)(x-7) when factored