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It is: (B -10)(B +10) when factored

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Q: What is B squared minus 100?
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How do you factor a plus b quantity squared minus 100?

(a + b)2 - 100 = (a + b + 10)(a + b - 10).

B to the 3rd power minus 25b squared minus 4b plus 100?

b^3 - 25b^2 - 4b + 100 = 0 b = 25 or b = -2

Is a minus b squared the same as a squared minus b squared?

No, unless "a" happens to be equal to 0, or to 1.

What is A squared minus B squared?

Same as (A-B)x(A+B)

In matrix multipliccation when does A plus B times A minus B equals A squared minus B squared?

All the time

How do you factor 4a squared minus b squared?

(2a - b)(2a + b)

How do you solve this a squared minus b squared plus ac minus bc?


How do you solve b squared minus 8b plus 16?

(b-4) squared

How do you do pythagorean theorem when you have a and c?

B squared equals c squared minus a squared then to find B take the square root of you answer for b squared

What is 2x squared minus x squared?


Factor ab minus 2ac plus b squared minus 2bc?


What is c squared minus 100?

An algebraic expression

What is b squared to 100?

If: b2 = 100 Then: b = 10

B squared minus a squared equals?

To evaluate it you need to know both b and a. But it is possible to factorise it as follows: b2-a2 = (b-a)*(b+a)

What is b squared plus 5a plus 6 divided by b squared minus 2?

It simplifies to 5a+4 !

What is 2a squared plus 2b squared minus 5ab factored out?

(a - 2b)(2a - b)

How do you factor b squared plus 7b minus 8?

(b + 8)(b - 1)

What is the quadratic equasion?

If your Problem is organized like this: A x squared plus B x plus C, the equation is: (B plus or minus the square root of(B squared minus 4 A C)) over 2A

How do you factor n squared minus 100?

n2 - 100 = (n + 10)(n - 10)

What is 3b squared minus 3b?

3b2 - 3b = 3b(b - 1)

How do you write a2-18b in verbal expression?

It is "a squared minus eighteen b".

What is the meaning of special product in college algebra?

As an example, the product of (a + b) (a - b) is equal to a squared - b squared."Special product" simply means that there are special cases, when multiplying polynomials, that are worth memorizing. For example, if you know the above, then you can easily start factoring any expression that contains the difference of two perfect squares - for example, x squared minus 1, a to the power 6 minus b to the power 4, or even - if you start using complex numbers - a squared + b squared = a squared - (-1) b squared.

What are the terms of a quadratic equation?

x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4bc over 2a

What is the standard formula of quadratic quotation?

negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4AC all over 2 A

How do you find the b in the formula for area of a triangle?

The formula for finding the angles is called " Pythagorean Thyrum " It states that a squred plus b squared equals c squared so therefore c squared minus a squared will equal b squared. i hope that helps