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It is an algebraic fraction, consisting of (one polynomial) divided by (the other one).

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Q: What is a ratio of two polynomials?
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What is expressable as a ratio of two integers or polynomials?

A rational number

What is the meaning of rational algebraic expression?

A rational algebraic expression is the ratio of two polynomials, each with rational coefficients. By suitable rescaling, both the polynomials can be made to have integer coefficients.

Find two polynomials whose ratio simplifies to 3x-12x plus 1 and whose sum is 5xsquared plus 20?

The question cannot be answered because the ratio of the polynomials cannot simplify to "3x-12x plus 1" since that is not a simplified form: it simplifies to -9x + 1.

Can the sum of three polynomials again be a polynomial?

The sum of two polynomials is always a polynomial. Therefore, it follows that the sum of more than two polynomials is also a polynomial.

Is pi divided by e rational?

A rational number is able to be represented as a ratio of polynomials. pi/e is a ratio of irrational numbers, neither of which can be represented as a ratio of polynomials, and so I would conclude that pi/e is not rational. But it's a good question, because what if two irrational numbers could cancel out their irrationality, like two negative numbers! A quotient of two irrational numbers can be a rational number. Trivial example 2pi/pi = 2.

Write a algorithm to add two polynomials using aaray?

Write a algorithm to add two polynomials using aaray?

Give examples of some kinds of polynomials?

Binomials and trinomials are two types of polynomials. The first has two terms and the second has three.

What has the author T H Koornwinder written?

T. H. Koornwinder has written: 'Jacobi polynomials and their two-variable analysis' -- subject(s): Jacobi polynomials, Orthogonal polynomials

What is a polynomial that cannot be written as a product of two polynomials?


What happened when the tree tried to divide two polynomials?

It was stumped

A c program to multiply 2 polynomials using linked lists?

write a program for multiplication of two polynomials. use doubly linked lists

How do you multiply three or more polynomials?

To multiply TWO polynomials, you multiply each term in the first, by each term in the second. This can be justified by a repeated application of the distributive law. Two multiply more than two polynomials, you multiply the first two. Then you multiply the result with the third polynomial. If there are any more, multiply the result with the fourth polynomial, etc. Actually the polynomials can be multiplied in any order; both the communitative and associate laws apply.

Is it possible to add 2 polynomials together and your answer is not a polynomial?

No. Even if the answer is zero, zero is still a polynomial.

How polynomials and non polynomials are alike?

they have variable

What are polynomials that have factors called?

Reducible polynomials.

Is two terms a polynomial if the definition says more than two terms. Is a bi-nomial not part of the set of polynomials?

Two terms is a binomial. More than two terms is a polynomial. Binomials are not part of the set of polynomials.

What is a jocobi polynomial?

In mathematics, Jacobi polynomials (occasionally called hypergeometric polynomials) are a class of classical orthogonal polynomials.

Is there a c program to multiply two polynomials using linked lists?


What property of polynomial subtraction says hat the difference of two polynomials is always a polynomial?


Where did Renรฉ Descartes invent polynomials?

Descartes did not invent polynomials.

Polynomials have factors that are?

Other polynomials of the same, or lower, order.

Integers have factors that are integers while polynomials have factors that are?


What is the process to solve multiplying polynomials?

what is the prosses to multiply polynomials

What has the author P K Suetin written?

P. K. Suetin has written: 'Polynomials orthogonal over a region and Bieberbach polynomials' -- subject(s): Orthogonal polynomials 'Series of Faber polynomials' -- subject(s): Polynomials, Series

How alike the polynomials and non polynomials?

how alike the polynomial and non polynomial

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