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An algebraic expression

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is c squared minus 100?
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How do you do pythagorean theorem when you have a and c?

B squared equals c squared minus a squared then to find B take the square root of you answer for b squared

How do you factor n squared minus 100?

n2 - 100 = (n + 10)(n - 10)

By factoring what is 3c squared minus 17c minus 6?

3c(squared)-17c-6 = 0 (3c+1)(c-6) = 0 c= negative one third or positive 6

Which binomial is a factor of c squared minus 12c plus 32?

It is: (c-4)(c-8) when factored

What is B squared minus 100?

It is: (B -10)(B +10) when factored

Which two squared numbers have a difference of 51?

They are 100 minus 49 = 51

Four less than (10 squared )?

100 minus 4 = 96

Factor ab minus 2ac plus b squared minus 2bc?


What is n squared minus n?

n squared minus n

What is the answer to 2x squared minus 4?

2x squared minus 4

How do you you factor 3x squared minus 25x minus 28?

3x squared minus 25x minus 28

What is the quadratic equasion?

If your Problem is organized like this: A x squared plus B x plus C, the equation is: (B plus or minus the square root of(B squared minus 4 A C)) over 2A

How can you get to the number two in a tricky way?

How about: (3 squared minus 2 cubed) + 1 to the fourth 3 cubed minus 5 squared log 100 Kim Basinger's weeks minus Doris Day's cents.

Is a minus b squared the same as a squared minus b squared?

No, unless "a" happens to be equal to 0, or to 1.

What is One minus x squared plus x squared minus one minus four?

-22 - -22

What is answer to polynomial x-squared minus x minus 42?

x = ? 42 = x squared minus x

How do you find the b in the formula for area of a triangle?

The formula for finding the angles is called " Pythagorean Thyrum " It states that a squred plus b squared equals c squared so therefore c squared minus a squared will equal b squared. i hope that helps

How do you solve this a squared minus b squared plus ac minus bc?


How do you factor a plus b quantity squared minus 100?

(a + b)2 - 100 = (a + b + 10)(a + b - 10).

What is 1 minus cos squared?

sin squared

What is 9y squared minus 25yz minus 6z squared?


B to the 3rd power minus 25b squared minus 4b plus 100?

b^3 - 25b^2 - 4b + 100 = 0 b = 25 or b = -2

X squared minus six x plus c find c?

there has to be more to the question is there a way you can tell what the equation equals

How do you solve 2x squared minus 5x minus 3?

2x squared minus 5x minus 3 factored is (2x+1)(x-3).

What is discriminant in quadratic equation?

the square root of b squared minus 4 times a times c