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Q: What is extraneous variable and its example?
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What is a variable that interferes with other variables in a study called?

extraneous variable

What is the variable in which the investigator changes or manipulates during the experiment?

the experimental variable, also called the independent variable

What is the type of variable that a researcher wants to keep from affecting an experiments outcome?

Extraneous variable

What is the difference between moderating and extraneous variables?

Extraneous variable a.k.a. Confounding vaiable is a variable that affects an independent variable n also afects a dependent variable at d same time confounding relatnship btn the independent and dependent variable. Mediating variable a.k.a. Intervening variable, it is a variable forming a link btn two variables that are causualy conected.

What is an extraneous solution of an equation?

when you solve a questiom, you get an answer. If you chect your answer by substituting the value of the variable in the question and you don't get L.H.S and R.H.S equal then your answer is called extraneous solution.

The variable not related to the purpose of th study but may affect the dependent variable are termed as extraneous variable true or false?

False: they are called exogenous.

Masks the true relationship between the independent and dependent variables?


Is A variable that changes outside the control of the participants an independent variable?

Variables that may affect the results of an experiment are described by the umbrella term "extraneous variable". extraneous variables that actually affect the result without experimenter knowledge is called a confounding variables eg. if the experimenter is testing verbal recall performance, hair color is not going to effect the results. hair color is an extraneous variable, but not compound. but whether or not a subject had a good nights sleep can have a huge effect on the ability to remember words. therefore sleep is a compound variable.

In an experiment l is the control variable m is the response variable and n and p are the extraneous factors. The specific units of are referred to as the treatments of the experiment?

The answer is /

In an experiment f is the control variable g is the response variable and h and k are extraneous factors. The specific units of are referred to as the treatments of the experiment.?


In an experiment h is the control variable k is the response variable and l and m are extraneous factors. The specific units of are referred to as the treatments of the experiment?


What is extraneous variable?

An extraneous factor is one that is not pertinent or relevant to what is being studied, for instance, in a research experiment. It may, however, have an unwanted impact if naturally present and not controlled or distributed evenly across groups. Example: You give the same test to two groups. One group was allowed to study, the other was not. The "study vs. no study" variable is what you are most interested in, and you have attempted to control for other variables that would not be considered relevant to your interest is the study versus no study variable. For instance, the gender of the subjects is not something you want to study in this research, so you make sure that both your study and your no-study subject groups are about the same in terms of gender distribution. You would also want to make sure that the two groups had roughly the same experience in terms of room temperature, time of day taking the test, amount of light to see by and so on so that the groups were differently primarily in whether they studied or not, and nothing else.