What is formula for x plus y?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: What is formula for x plus y?
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Y equals b plus x plus x2?

y=b+x+x^2 This is a quadratic equation. The graph is a parabola. The quadratic equation formula or factoring can be used to solve this.

How do you Solve the formula y equals mx plus b for M?

the answer is: (y-b)/x = m y = mx + b y - b = mx (y-b)/x = m

How do you simplify x plus x plus x plus x plus y plus y plus y plus x?

The answer is 5x+3y. (5 xs and 3 ys)

How do you factor x cubed plus 3xsquaredy plus 3xy squared plus y cubed?

(x + y)(x + y)(x + y)

What does b represent in the formula y equals mx plus b?

The Y-Axis intercept, i.e. when X is zero, Y is b.

What is Y x plus 5 Y 6?

The answer to Y x plus 5 Y 6 is Y(x+5Y5).One possible solution to y x plus 5 y 6 is Y(x+5Y5).

What is y equals plus x in c plus plus?

y += x means the value y+x is first calculated, and the resulting value is then assigned to y. It is equivalent to y = y+x

How do you graph and shade x plus y equals 8 x equals 6 5x plus 2y equals 20?

To graph them, you need to put them into the formula y=mx+b. If x+y=8 subtract x to get y=-x+8. 8 is the y-intercept and your line should be heading downward from left to right.

X plus y times x plus y plus x equals 88?


Why is x plus y and x plus y not the same?

It is the same. The equation "x + y" is the exact same as "x + y." There is no difference.

What is x plus 7 plus y?

x + 7 + y

Make x the subject of the formula y equals xsquared plus 2mx plus n?

y = x2 + 2mx + n complete the square y + m2 = x2 + 2mx + m2 + n = (x + m)2 + n (x + m)2 = y + m2 - n x + m = √(y + m2 - n) x = -m + √(y + m2 - n)