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n squared minus n

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Q: What is n squared minus n?
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Related questions

What is the answer for (two n minus three)(n squared plus 5 n minus 1)?

It is 2n^3 + 7n^2 - 13n + 3

How do you factor n squared minus 100?

n2 - 100 = (n + 10)(n - 10)

What is 7n squared minus 7n?


How would say the mathematical expression n to the second power - 6 In words?

n squared minus six.

What is 2n squared minus 5n minus 42?

It is: 2n^2 -5n -42 equals (2n+7)(n-6) when factored

How do you factor n squared minus 16n plus 48?

(n - 4)(n - 12)

What is the answer to 2x squared minus 4?

2x squared minus 4

What is the hardest math question ever?

n+n-n-n-n+n-n-n squared to the 934892547857284579275348975297384579th power times 567896578239657824623786587346378 minus 36757544.545278789789375894789572356757583775389=n solve for n! the answer is 42

Is a minus b squared the same as a squared minus b squared?

No, unless "a" happens to be equal to 0, or to 1.

For those who loves to solve equations please help me this .4 equals N minus 480 divided N?

find the common multiple of 4 and 480 then minus 4. Answer is 1 over 3 and N squared. Your welcome i am your saviour.

What is One minus x squared plus x squared minus one minus four?

-22 - -22

What is answer to polynomial x-squared minus x minus 42?

x = ? 42 = x squared minus x

How do you solve this a squared minus b squared plus ac minus bc?


How do you solve 2x squared minus 5x minus 3?

2x squared minus 5x minus 3 factored is (2x+1)(x-3).

How do you you factor 3x squared minus 25x minus 28?

3x squared minus 25x minus 28

What is 9y squared minus 25yz minus 6z squared?


What is the product of four x squared minus one over two x squared minus five x minus three and x squared minus six x plus nine over two x squared plus five x minus three?

By factoring I get x-3 divided by x+3

How would you factor 12n squared plus 4n cubed minus 7n?

n(2n - 1)(2n + 7)

How do you factor x squared minus four y squared minus twenty eight?

There are no rational factors.

What is 3n squared minus 5n minus 4n cubed plus 5n squared plus n plus 7?

Assuming you meant 7n (not just 7 at the end of your question) - first... simplify the equation. Numbers raised to powers get priority - so your new sum is... 5n - 64n + 25n + n + 7n.... This simplifies to... -26n

What is 1 minus cos squared?

sin squared

What is the product of a number n-1 and the number n plus 1 is always equal?

Difficult to tell without brackets, but (n-1)*(n+1) = n^2 - 1 [in other words, n squared minus 1] is a useful algebraic identity.

What is 3n squared minus 8n plus 4 equal?

3n2-8n+4 = (3n-2)(n-2) when factored

What is negative 4 squared minus negative 2 squared?

negative 2 squared

In matrix multipliccation when does A plus B times A minus B equals A squared minus B squared?

All the time