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One half is 50%

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Q: What is one half as a percentage?
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What is one and a half as a percentage?

One and a half as a percentage is 150%

What percentage is one in a half?

One and a half equals 150%

How do you say 1 half in percentage?

1 half in percentage = 1/2% (one-half percent)

What is the percentage of one and one half?

One and a half times is equivalent to 150% increase.

What percentage is one half?

As a percentage 1/2 = 50%

How do you write one-half as a percentage?

One half is 50 out of 100 so it is 50 percent.

One half of the proof?

One half of the proof is the percentage. 100 proof alcohol is 50% or half alcohol.

What percentage goes with one half?

the answer is 50

What is half as an percentage?

half as a percentage is 50%

100 is what percentage of 200?

50% (one half)

What is the percentage of two and one half?

2.5 = 250%

How would you write one half as a percentage?


What twelve and a half percentage of one kg?


What is one half as a decimal and percentage?

one half as a decimal and percentage = 0.5; 50%1/2:= 1 ÷ 2= 0.5in decimal= 0.5 * 100%= 50%

What percentage of a radioactive element will be left after 1 half-life?

After one half-life, 50%, or one-half of a radioactive element will be left.

What is one half written in as a percentage?

1/2 = 50%

What does 1half eqal n percentage?

One half = 50%

After three half-lifes what percentage of the original radioactive element will remain?

12.5% One half life is one half of the mass. One half life is 50%, One half of 50% is 25%, and one half of 25% is 12.5% of the original mass.

What percentage of golfers can shoot under par?

less then one half of one percent

What percentage of people born in 1940 are still alive?

one half

What percentage of black men hold Phd degrees?

Less than one half of one half of one percent! Dr. Robert A. Jones III

What is 3 sixths as a percentage?

Three sixths is simplified into one half, or 50%.

If your father is one half Sioux what percentage American Indian are you?


The federal government constitutes approximately what percentage of the US economy?

one half

What is a percentage between one half and three fourth?

Anything from 51% to 74%.