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E=h(new) where new is like a frquency component so we can say power & frequency are directly praportion to each.

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Q: What is relation in between power and frequency?
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What is the relation between power factor and frequency for purpose of parallel operation of alternator?

No relation is there power factor is a unit less quantity.

The relation between frequency and time period of a wave is?

the relation between frequency and time period is ''t=1/f''

What is the relation between frequency and period of wave?

Frequency = 1 / period

What is relation between prriod and frequency?

Time of period=1/frequency

Mathematical relation between frequency and wavelenghth?

frequency = speed of light/wavelength

Is there any relation between ampiltude frequency?


What is relation between frequency and voltage of that frequency?

voltage and frequency both are different quantity.. don't mix it...

What is the relation between pitch and frequency?

the lower the frequency the lower the pitch; higher pitch lower frequency

Relation between transmitted power and range?

usually more power means more range. Now frequency come into play and obstacles to the transmission. there is no definite answer

What is the relation between sampling frequency and wave frequency?

There is no factual relation between these, but there is a common rule known as the Nyquist-Shannon theorem, that states that to reproduce a waveform with only reasonably errors, the sampling frequency must be at least twice the wave frequency.

What is equation for current and frequency relation-ship?

There is no such equation. The main reason is that there is no relationship between current and frequency.

What is the relation between frequency and velocity of wave?

For any wave, frequency x wavelength = speed of the wave.