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Answer 1 Put simply, sine squared is sinX x sinX. However, sine is a function, so the real question must be 'what is sinx squared' or 'what is sin squared x': 'Sin(x) squared' would be sin(x^2), i.e. the 'x' is squared before performing the function sin. 'Sin squared x' would be sin^2(x) i.e. sin squared times sin squared: sin(x) x sin(x). This can also be written as (sinx)^2 but means exactly the same. Answer 2 Sine squared is sin^2(x). If the power was placed like this sin(x)^2, then the X is what is being squared. If it's sin^2(x) it's telling you they want sin(x) times sin(x).

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Q: What is sine squared?
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Do the equations sine plus cosine and sine squared plus cosine squared both equal 1?

No, they do not.

Is sin squared theta and sin theta squared the same?

Your question is insufficiently precise, but I'll try to answer anyway. "Sine squared theta" usually means "the value of the sine of theta, quantity squared". "Sine theta squared" usually means "the value of the sine of the quantity theta*theta". The two are not at all the same.

What is cosine squared theta equal to'?

Cosine squared theta = 1 + Sine squared theta

What is sine squared times sine squared?

6,561 (i solved it by using this sentence: (9x9) x (9x9)= 81x81=6,561

What is sine squared theta subtract six cosine squared theta divided by one minus seven cosine squared theta?

It is 1.

Integral of sine squared x?


What is a normal sine wave?

A sine wave is a mathematical function that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation which looks like a wave going from 1 to -1 and back to 1. A normal sine wave is much like a sine wave but has been normalized for practical uses like in electronics creating a "squared" sine wave A perfect sine wave does not exist in reality, it only exists in the minds of mathematicians.

Sine squared in terms of cosine?

(1 - cos(2x))/2, where x is the variable. And/Or, 1 - cos(x)^2, where x is the variable.

What is the rms voltage for 144 volts modified sine wave?

if that 144 is the peak voltage if its a sine wave the rms voltage is that voltage divided by sqrt(2) if not a sine wave (modified) you must find the area under the curve by integrating a cycle of that wave shape (root mean squared)

1 minus 2 cosine squared divided by sine cosine is equal to tangent minus cotangent?

No, it is not. To be correct, the expression requires parenthesis, which are missing.

What is the sine of 810?

sine 810 = sine 90 = 1

If two integers have the same sign what is the sine of their sum?

Sine(A+ B) = Sine(A)*Cosine(B) + Cosine(A)*Sine(B).

Can you square the trigonometric reciprocal identities if you need to for example sine squared equals 1 divided by cosecant squared?

Yes, this is a perfectly legitimate thing to do in the trigonometric functions. I will solve all your math problems. Check my profile for more info.

What does negative sine squared plus cosine squared equal?

To determine what negative sine squared plus cosine squared is equal to, start with the primary trigonometric identity, which is based on the pythagorean theorem...sin2(theta) + cos2(theta) = 1... and then solve for the question...cos2(theta) = 1 - sin2(theta)2 cos2(theta) = 1 - sin2(theta) + cos2(theta)2 cos2(theta) - 1 = - sin2(theta) + cos2(theta)

What is the value of sine 3.3?

Sine 3.3 degrees is about 0.057564. Sine 3.3 radians is about -0.157746. Sine 3.3 grads is about 0.051813.

What is sine infinity?

Sine does not converge but oscillates. As a result sine does not tend to a limit as its argument tends to infinity. So sine(infinity) is not defined.

What is the derivative of sine of pi?

Sine (pi) is a constant, so the derivative of sine (pi) is zero.

What is the sine of 0?

The sine of 0 is 0.

What is the meaning of sine dine?

sine dine

What is the sine 153?

Sine 153 = 0.806400581

What is the sine of 45?

sine 45 = 0.850903525

What does sine mean in french?

Sine or sinus.

What is sine squared times cotangent squared times secant squared?

The answer is 1. sin^2 x cos^2/sin^2 x 1/cos^2 cos^2 will be cancelled =1 sin^2 also will be cancelled=1 1/1 = 1

What does sine metus mean?

The grammar in this phrase is wrong - it should be 'sine metu' ('sine' is a preposition that takes the ablative case. 'Sine metu' means 'without fear.'

How do you find the missing length of a triangle?

You use the Pythagoras Theorem if it is a right-angled triangle. a squared + b squared = h (longest side, diagonal) squared, then square root h to find the longest side. if it is not a right angled triangle, then use the Sine or Cosine rule. Sine rule for: two angles and any one side or two sides and an angle that is not in between the sides. Cosine rule for: all three sides (but then you do not need to find a missing side) or two sides and an angle that is in between.

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