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a radical b

or -a - radical b

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Q: What is the conjugate of -a radical b?
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What does radical conjugates mean?

if you have the expression a + b*sqrt(c), the radical conjugate is a - b*sqrt(c). this is important because multiplying those two expressions together gives you an integer if a, b, and c are integers.

How do you rationalise the denominator?

It depends on what the denominator was to start with: a surd or irrational or a complex number. You need to find the conjugate and multiply the numerator by this conjugate as well as the denominator by the conjugate. Since multiplication is by [conjugate over conjugate], which equals 1, the value is not affected. If a and b are rational numbers, then conjugate of sqrt(b) = sqrt(b) conjugate of a + sqrt(b) = a - sqrt(b), and conjugate of a + ib = a - ib where i is the imaginary square root of -1.

What is the importance of the conjugate in rationalizing the denominator of a rational expression that has a radical expression in the denominator?

To eliminate the radical in the denominator.

What is a conjugate of a rational number?

its the same as itself. since there is no radical part

What is radical a-radical b over radical a plus radical b equals to?


If a and b are any real numbers what is the conjugate of a plus b?

The concept of conjugate is usually used in complex numbers. If your complex number is a + bi, then its conjugate is a - bi.

What is the conjugate of 11 17i.?

A conjugate (in the context of math) is, simply put, two numbersseparatedby a sign, in which the sign changes.Example:The conjugate of a+b is a-b. Thepositivebecame negative.For your problem (your sign is missing, so I listed two possibilities):The conjugate of 11+17i is 11-17iThe conjugate of 11-17i is 11+17i

What is the conjugate of 5 square root of 10?

a+ square root of b has a conjugate a- square root of b and this is used rationalize the denominator when it contains a square root. If we want to multiply 5 x square root of 10 by something to get rid of the radical you can multiply it by square root of 10. But if we look at 5x( square root of 10 as ) 0+ 5x square root of 10 then the conjugate would be -5x square root of 10

What is the Difference between haemophilus b meningococcal conjugate and haemophilus B tetanus toxoid conjugate?

One combines the HIB vaccine with meningococcal vaccine, and the other with tetanus vaccine.

What is conjugate of an irrational number?

The conjugate of an irrational number is a non-zero number such that the product of the two numbers is rational. In high school mathematics, you are usually required to know only the conjugates of surds of the form a + b*sqrt(x). The conjugate is a - b*sqrt(x) [-a + b*sqrt(x) is also a conjugate - all you need to do is to switch the sign of one of the two terms.]

What does simple radical form mean?

√a / √b = √(a/b)

Does the distributive property apply to radicals?

If you mean, do you distribute a number within a radical to all the terms within the parenthesis than yes it does. Is this what you mean? radical(2)*(a+b) = radical(2)*a + radical(2)*b