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It's the square root of the sum 18 feet squared plus 18 feet squared. 18 feet squared is 324 square feet. 2 x 324 square feet = 648 square feet. The square root of 648 square feet is about 25.46 feet.

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Q: What is the diagonal of an 18 foot square?
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Related questions

Diagonal measure of an 18 foot by 18 foot square?

Diagonal = 18*sqrt(2) = 18*1.414214 = 25.45584 feet

What is the diagonal of a 5 foot square?

The diagonal of a 5 foot square is about 7.07 feet.

What is the diagonal measurement of 36 foot by 36 foot square?

The diagonal of a 36 x 36 foot square is 50.91 feet.

What is the diagonal measurement of a 18 x 18 square?

The diagonal measurement of an 18 x 18 square is: 25.46 units.

What is the diagonal of an 18 inch square?

The diagonal of an 18 inch square is about 25.46 inches. (18 times the square root of 2).

If a square is 18 feet by 18 feet what does the diagonal measurement?

18 ft Diagonal of a square is the square root of 2, times the side.

What is the Diagonal length of a 1 foot by 1 foot square?

The diagonal is 1.414 feet.

What is the diagonal dimension of an 8 foot by 8 foot square?

The diagonal dimension is 11.31 feet.

What is the diagonal of a 4 foot square?

The diagonal is ~5.656 feet.

What is the diagonal length of a square with a 900sq ft area?

The diagonal length of a square with a 900 square foot area is: 42.43 feet.

What is 400 square feet diagonal measurement?

No one answer, since it depends on the shape of the 400 square foot figure. If it is a square 20x20, then the diagonal is about 28.25 ft.

What is the perimeter of a square with diagonal 18?

Side = diagonal/1.5Side = 12Perimeter = 12 * 4Perimeter = 48

What size square fits into an 18 circle?

A square whose diagonal is the diameter of the circle. So, if it is a circle with diameter 18 units then the diagonal of the square is 18 units and so its side is 9*sqrt(2) = 12.7 units.

If the diagonal is square of 6 what is the area of aretangular?

A = 18 square units.

What would the diagonal measurement of a 12 foot x 12 foot square?

14 ft

A side of a square has length 3 what is the length of its diagonal?

Use Pythagoras' therom: 32+32 = 18 The square root of 18 is 4.242640687 units which is the length of the diagonal.

What is primitive of square with diagonal of 18?

Suppose the side of the square is s, then length of diagonal = s*sqrt(2) s*sqrt(2) = 18 so s = 18/sqrt(2) = 12.7 units.

What is the approximate length of the diagonal of a square if the perimeter of the square is 12 feet?

The perimeter = 12 feetthen the square diagonal = 12/4 = 3 feet The diagonal2 = 3x3 + 3x3= 18 feetThe diagonal = square root of 18 = 3x 21/2 feet = 3 x 1.4142 = 4.2426 feet

12 foot by 18 foot is how many square feet?

216 square feet (12 x 18 = 216)

What is the diagonal of a 29 foot 9 x 29' 9 square?

If you mean a square with 29 feet and 9 inches sides then by using Pythagoras' theorem its diagonal is 42.073 feet rounded to 3 decimal places

18 feet x 26 feet to square foot?

468 square foot

Is a diagonal of a square perpendicular to its side always?

The diagonal of a square is not perpendicular to its side. The diagonal of a square will separate the square into two triangles. The diagonal goes from one corner to the opposite corner. Because it is a square, the diagonal and a side of the square will always form a 45-degree angle.

15 foot by 18 foot equals how many square feet?

The answer is 270 square feet.

What is the square footage of a room 10 foot by 18 foot?

10*18=180sq ft

What is the diagonal length of a 15 foot by 24 foot rectangle?

The diagonal is about 28.3 feet.