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Distance travelled = 120 kilometers


Rate = 60kph

time = 2 hours


nd: Dista



nce = Rate * Time

= 60 km/hour * 2 hours

= 120 km

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2013-04-02 16:56:10
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Q: What is the distance traveled at a speed of 60km per hour for 2 hours?
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The average speed in x2 + 5 km traveled in x-3 hours?


You travel 60 kilometers in 1.5 hours What is your average speed?

Speed = Distance/Time = 60km/1.5h = 40 km per hour

How long does it take to drive 60km at 50 kph?

Time = Distance/Speed = 60/50 = 1.2 hours = 1 hour 12 minutes.

What is the average speed of a car that travels 600 km in 10 hours?

Average speed equals distance divided by time (speed = distance/time) Therefore the car travels 600km in 10hours so 600/10 equals 60km/h. 60km/h is equal to: 60000metres per hour 1 km per minute 50/3 metres per second

The average speed of a horse that gallops a distance 60km in a time of 2hours is?

(60 divided by 2) kph

How long does it take a car to travel 30 km at 60km per hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 30 km/60km per hour = 1/2 hour or 30 minutes

How do you calculate distance?

We always calculate distance by multipying the speed by time. ex: I travelled in 10 min at the speed of 60km/h , so the distance equals to 60 times 10 which equals to 600 km....

How long to travel 8km at 60km per hour?

Time = distance / speed = 8 km / 60 kmh-1 = 8/60 hours = 8/60 * 60 minutes = 8 minutes

What is the distance between dindugal and madurai?


What is Distance between Tirunelveli and trivandrum?


How many km can you cover at 60km per hour?

Well, as it implies you can cover 60 km per hour driving at the speed of 60km. So if you drove for two hours, you could go 120 km.

A car travels from Boston to Hartford in 4 hours the two cities are 240 kilometers apart what was the average speed of the car?


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