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Q: What is the gradient of a line with the equation y x?
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The gradient of the line is y equals -4 x plus 3 is?

When equation of line is y=-4x+3, Gradient is -4 (as seen from the coefficient of x) and the y-intercept is +3 (point where x=0)

How do you find the gradient of a line with the equation y equals 3x plus 2?

An equation such as y = mx + c is said to be in standard form. From such an equation, Gradient = coefficient of x = 3

Can you tell the gradient without graphing the line?

If you have the equation, yes. If the equation is given in terms of x and y, make y the subject of the equation. That is, expres the equation in the form y = mx + c where m and c are constants. Then the gradient is m.

What is the slope of the line given by the equation y 11x 5?

y = 11x + 5 The slope/gradient of this equation is 11. The slope/gradient can easily been seen in a linear equation: it is simply the co-efficient of x

What is the slope of the line that has the equation y4x 2?

y = 4x + 2 It has a slope (gradient) or 4. The slope/gradient of a linear function is simply the number in front of the x when the equation is in the form y=mx+b. (the coefficient of x).

What is an equation of the line perpendicular to y-x-2 and through (-2 4)?

I don't see an equals sign. Let's assume you mean y = x - 2. The gradient (coefficient) of x is +1. So for a line perpendicular this this, the gradient/slope need to be -1. So the equation of the line perpendicular to this is y = -x +c To find c, substitute x=-2 and y=4. This give c=2 So the line you want is y = -x +2

Write an equation of the line that passes through the point-4 and 1 with a slope 0f 8?

y=8x-12 General equation of a line Y=mx+c Y= y axis X=x axis m= gradient (how steep the line is) c= intercept (where the line crosses the y axis)

What is the gradient of a line whose equation is Equation y7x-3?


What equation represents a line perpendicular to the line whose equation is 2x plus 3y equals 12?

Rearranging the original equation, we get y=-(2/3)x+12. Since 12 is the constant, this is the point that the line of this equation will cut the y-axis if x=0. Therefore, -(2/3) is the gradient and for an equation to produce a parallel line, the gradient must be equal. Summing up, y=-(2/3)+c (where c equals any real number) would be parallel

What is the equation of a line perpendicular to 3x-2y7 with a y- intercept of 5?

The gradient of the given line is 2/3. Gradient of the perpendicular is -3/2 The equation, therefore, is y = -(3/2)x + 5 or 2y = -3x + 10 or 3x + 2y - 10 = 0

What is the equation of the line with gradient 2 and y intercept of 3?

y = 2x + 3

What is the equation of the line with an x-intercept of -1 and a y-intercept of 2?