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The order of operations is not clear; for example, what goes into the numerator and what goes into the denominator. Please rewrite, using appropriate parentheses. For example, if there is an addition in the denominator, put parentheses around the entire denominator.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the integral of e to the power x divided by e to the power 4x plus e to the power 2x plus 1 dx?
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How would you solve the integral of 1 plus tan2x plus tan squared 2x?

Integral of 1 is x Integral of tan(2x) = Integral of [sin(2x)/cos(2x)] =-ln (cos(2x)) /2 Integral of tan^2 (2x) = Integral of sec^2(2x)-1 = tan(2x)/2 - x Combining all, Integral of 1 plus tan(2x) plus tan squared 2x is x-ln(cos(2x))/2 +tan(2x)/2 - x + C = -ln (cos(2x))/2 + tan(2x)/2 + C

What is the integral of 2x square plus 4x minus 3 divided by x plus 2?

If you mean integral[(2x^2 +4x -3)(x+2)], then multiply them out to get: Integral[2x^3+8x^2+5x-6]. This is then easy to solve and is = 2/4x^4+8/3x^3+5/2x^2-6x +c

What is the integral of 1 divided by 2x squared?


What is the integral of 2x plus seven divided by x square plus 2x plus 5?

Hopefully I did this one correctly, if anyone sees an error please correct it. This is the problem:∫(2x+7)/(x2+2x+5)I rewrote the integral as:2∫x/(x2+2x+5) + 7∫1/(x2+2x+5)Both of these parts of the integral is in a form that should be listed in most integral tables in a calculus text book or on-line. From these tables the integral is the following:2*[(1/2)ln|x2+2x+5| - (1/2)tan-1((2x+2)/4)] + 7*[(1/2)tan-1((2x+2)/4)]Combining like terms gives the following:ln|x2+2x+5| + (5/2)*tan-1((2x+2)/4)

When is Quotient when (x plus 3) is Divided into the polynomial 2x to the power 2 x-15?

Assuming that he quadratic is 2x^2 + x - 15, the quotient is 2x - 5.

When x3 plus 3x2 2x plus 7 is divided by x plus 1 the remainder is?

That depends on whether or not 2x is a plus or a minus

What is 2x over 3xto the second power divided by 4x over 6x to the second power?

2x 2x to the second

What is the answer to x - 2 2x plus 1 or 10 -2x plus 2 equals?

2 plus 1-x divided by.

Integral of 1 divided by x cubed?

I will assume that this is sopposed to be integrated with respect to x. To make this problem easier, imagine that the integrand is x raised to the negative 3. The integral is 1/(-2x-2) plus some constant c.

What is the integral of 2 2x?

2 2x makes no sense. If you meant the integral of 2x, it is x2 + C. If you meant the integral of 4x, it is 2x2 + C. If you meant the integral of 2x2, it is 2/3 x3 + C.

What is the integral of -2x divided by the square root of x squared minus 4?

- ln ((x^2)-4)

How do you factor 2x to the second power plus 5x plus 3?

(2x + 3)(x + 1)

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