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Pyrite has a density of 4.8-5g/cm3

mass = density x volume

= (4.8-5)g/cm3 x 10 cm3

= 48 to 50 grams.

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Q: What is the mass of a 10.0 cm3 sample of pyrite?
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What is the mass of aluminum sample who volume is 10.0 cm3?

27.3 g is the mass of an aluminum sample with a volume of 10.0 cm3.

The density of gold is 19.3 g cm3 The density of iron pyrite is 5.0 g cm3 If a nugget of iron pyrite and a nugget of gold each have a mass of 50 g what can you conclude about the volume of each nugget?

The nugget of gold has a volume of 2.6 cm3, and the nugget of pyrite has a volume of 10 cm3.

What is the mass of a piece of pyrite that has a volume of 40cm3?

Iron pyrite (FeS2) has a density of 4.8 to 5.0 grams per cm3. A piece of volume 40 cm3 would, therefore have a mass of volume*density = 192 to 200 grams.

What is the mass of pyrite?

the density of pyrite or fool's gold is 5.01g/cm3

The volume of a sample of water is 20cm3 the mass of?

The volume of a sample of water is 20 cm3. The mass of this sample is closest to

What is the mass of a 350 cm3 sample of pure silicon with a density of?


Is a Nugget real gold or fools gold if a it has a mass of 100.0 g and displaces the water level in a graduated cylinder by 15.0cm3 from 10.0cm3?

density=g/cm3 The density of Gold is 19.3g/cm3 The density of Fool's Gold (pyrite) is 5g/cm3 The question is slightly ambiguous as first written so two calculations are given: # 100/15= 6.666g/cm3 So this nugget is possibly pyrite and not gold. 100/5= 20g/cm3 So this nugget is possibly gold.

If you have a sample of lead that is 140.0 cm3 how do you find its mass in grams?

By looking up it's density in a book. The density of lead is 11.34 g/cm3 at room temperature. So the mass of a 140.0 cm3 sample of lead is 11.34 g/cm3 * 140.0 cm3 = 1588 g

If a rock sample has a mass of 250g and a volume of 45 cm3 show the calculation for the density of the rock sample?

density = mass/volume = 250g/45cm3 = 5.6g/cm3 (rounded to 2 sig figs)

A 10.00 cm3 sample of copper has a mass of 89.6 what is the density of copper?


What is the identity of a sample that has a mass of 100.5 g and a volume of 7.42 cm3?


A sample has a mass of 612 grams and a volume of 78 cm3 What is the identity of the sample?

The first reference I consulted on line lists the density of gold as 19.32 gm/cm3,whereas the density of your sample is 19.286 gm/cm3.