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The period is 2*pi radians.

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Q: What is the period of y equals cosx?
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When are y equals sin x and y equals cos x equal?

y=sinx y=cosxsinx=cosx=>sinx/cosx=1=>tanx=1=>x=45oie.. y=sin45=cos45y=1/(square root of 2)

Prove this identity 1 plus cosx divide by sinx equals sinx divide by 1-cosx?


What is the derivative of 1 divided by sinx?


When does Cosx equals 1?

when the angle is 0 degrees

Can you Show 1 over sinx cosx - cosx over sinx equals tanx?

From the Pythagorean identity, sin2x = 1-cos2x. LHS = 1/(sinx cosx) - cosx/sinx LHS = 1/(sinx cosx) - (cosx/sinx)(cosx/cosx) LHS = 1/(sinx cosx) - cos2x/(sinx cosx) LHS = (1- cos2x)/(sinx cosx) LHS = sin2x /(sinx cosx) [from Pythagorean identity] LHS = sin2x /(sinx cosx) LHS = sinx/cosx LHS = tanx [by definition] RHS = tanx LHS = RHS and so the identity is proven. Q.E.D.

Solve the equation cos x root y equals 5 solve for y and differentiate to get y prime in terms of x?

cosx√y=5 Right away you can tell that there'll be a domain error because if you were to take cosine inverse five equals X root y then there would be an error

What is the period of y equals 2sinx?

The same as the period of y = sin x. This period is equal to (2 x pi).

What is period of y equals -tanx?

pi radians.

Determine the period of y equals -3 sin x?

the period is 2pi. period is 2pi/b and the formula is y=AsinBx.

Sinx plus cosx equals 0?

x = 3pi/4

What is the period of y equals sin x?

The period is the length of x over which the equation repeats itself. In this case, y=sin x delivers y=0 at x=0 at a gradient of 1. y next equals 0 when x equals pi, but at this point the gradient is minus 1. y next equals 0 when x equals 2pi, and at this point the gradient is 1 again. Therefore the period of y=sinx is 2pi.

How would you find x when 0 equals 2sinxcosx-cosx?

2sinxcosx-cosx=0 Factored : cosx(2sinx-1)=0 2 solutions: cosx=0 or sinx=.5 For cosx=0, x=90 or 270 degrees For sinx=.5, x=30 degrees x = {30, 90, 270}

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