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The product of nine negative real numbers is a negative real number.

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Q: What is the product of 9 negative real number?
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Is the product of 8 positive and 3 negative numbers a positive or negative number?

The product would be a negative number. When you multiply with a negative, it doesn't matter how many negatives, the product will always be a negative. For example: if you were to multiply 2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x-3x-7x-9=-68,584,320. If you don't believe me, use your calculator.

Two negative consecutive odd integers have a product of 63 find the larger number?

Two negative consecutive odd integers that have a product of 63 are -7 and -9. -7 is larger than -9. -7 is the answer.

Why is negative 9 squared negative 81?

It isn't. The square of any real number is positive. (negative 9)2 = positive 81. Did you mean negative (92) ? Well, 92 = 81, and the negative of that is negative 81.

Why is square root of the number -9 not a real number?

For the same reason that the square root of ANY negative number is not a real number.Real numbers are positive, negative, or zero. * The square of a positive number is a positive number. * The square of a negative number is a positive number. * The square of zero is zero. In other words, in no case will you get a REAL number whose square is a negative number. The square roots of negative numbers are said to be "imaginary" - a name given for historical reasons. They are just as "real" or "unreal" as the so-called real numbers, but the point is that they are a different kind of numbers.

What do the real numbers 9 - 12 equal would it be a positive real 3 or a negative 3?

9-12 = -3 It is negative because the second number is larger--you are taking away more than what you had with the first number.

Is 9 a negative number?

9 is not negative, but -9 is negative. Anything below zero is negative.

Find two consecutive negative integers whose product is 90?

-9 or -10Two consecutive negative integers that can be multiplied together with a product of 90 would be -9 and -10. A number sentence for this equation would be: -9 X -10 = 90.

Why is 9 a Factorial number?

Because it is a product of real numbers. And the set of real numbers is closed under multiplication.

How do you multiply a positive number by a negative number?

the answer is simply by following the rules of multiplication when a negative number is multiplied with a positive number the answer the sign of the product is always negative E.g (2)x(-4)= -8 (-9)x(5)= -45

Can a real number be a rational number and a negative number?

Yes, examples include -4, -134, -2/9, -143/12.

What kind of number is -11 over 9?

It is a negative mixed fraction or improper fraction, a rational number, a real number.

What The product of negative 9 and g?


How would you show multiplying a negative number by a positive number?

by either putting the negative number first, or by putting the negative number in parentheses. Like this: -9*1=-9 1*(-9)=-9

What can you say about the product of two negative integers?

The product will be positive. For example: (-9) x (-1)= 9

How to write the product of of 9 and a number?

The product of '9' and a number 'Q' is written as " 9Q ".

Product of 3 -3?


What is negative 2 multiplied by negative 9?

18The two negatives will cancel out when multiplying, so the result will be a Positive number.So, just pretend the signs dont exist...2 x 9 = 18NOTE... When you multiply a bunch of numbers, look at how many of these numbers are negative. If the answer to that question is an Even number, then the product will be Positive. If the answer to that question is an Odd number, then the product will be Negative.Example: -3 x 4 x 6 x -5 x -7 x 3 = ....Since three of those numbers are negative (and THREE is odd), then the product will be Negative.

What does a positive number added by a negative number equal?

The sum of a positive number and a negative number can be either negative or positive. 9 + -3 = 6 9 + -13 = -4

The product 9 and a number decreased by 7 equals?

the product of -6 and a number, x, decreased by 9, is -33. what is the number?

3 less than the product of 9 and a number?

3 less than the product of 9 and a number

How can you tell which is positive and which is negative by numbers?

the number that has the minus sign in front of it is negative and the normal number is positive example: negative: -9 positive: 9

How do you do Negative number minus positive number what does it equal?

a negative minus a positive is like addition, you take the negative add the positive, then make that number a negative.Example-5 - 4add them5 + 4= 9make that number a negative= -9

What is bigger negative 9 or negative 6?

Negative 6 is a bigger number than Negative 9 because Negative 6 is closer to zero, meaning that it is closer to becoming a positive whole number.

What kind of number is -9?

A negative integer.

What is the opposite of a double negative?

A negative number. (ex. -9)