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That's known as the unit rate.

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Q: What is the rate per one given unit?
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What is the rate per one unit?

It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.

What is the unit rate of 121 divided by 2 days?


Measurements of acceleration are given in units of what?

Acceleration is the rate of change of the function of velocity per unit time. This means that the unit of acceleration is distance per unit time squared.

What is a unit rate in math explained in 5th grade words?

Unit rate is usually "how fast the rate of something changes, per one unit of time".

Is 2.50 per gallon a unit rate?

Yes, a unit rate is the amount for one single unit. In this case, 'per gallon' indicates for 1 single gallon.

How do you Express each rate as a unit rate?

Well a unit rate is a rate of per one. So if say you get 4 cookies per two packets. The unit rate would be 2 cookies per packet or 2 cookies/packet

What is meant by flow rate?

The flow rate may be defined by the quantity of a fluid which can be transportted through a hole with a given area in an unit of time.

Is 55 miles per hour a unit rate?

Yes. It is the distance travelled in one unit of time.

How do you get a rate as a fraction?

Simplify the fraction to its simplest form.If this is 1/y then the unit rate is "1 unit per y units".If it is x/1 then the unit rate is "x units per unit".If it is x/y then the units rate is "(x/y) units per unit".

Unit rate for 9 per 12 feet?

The unit rate would be 3/4 per foot.

What is the unite rate for 811?

It is 811 per unit!

When a rate is written as money per item a unit rate is called?

Unit price