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Q: What is the sq ft of a room that's 3ft x 4ft?
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How many cubic meter are there in 5ft by 4ft by 3ft?

5ft * 4ft * 3ft = 60 cubic ft = 1.699 cu metres

What is 5 yards and 2 ft minus 4 ft?

A yard is 3ft. So 5 yards and 2ft - 4ft is 4 yards and 1 ft or 17 ft - 4ft is 13ft.

What is the volume of the truck 3ft 5 ft 4ft?

3x5x4 = 60 cubic feet

Can you completely cover a 4ft by 8ft area with 3 ft by 3ft tiles?

Not without having to slice some tiles up ! The tiles you would need are:- 2 of 3ft x 3 ft 1 of 2ft x 3ft 2 of 3ft x 1 ft 1 of 2ft x 1 ft

How many yards dirt needed for 8 ft x 4 ft x 1 ft?

A yard of dirt is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft, or 27 cubic ft. The hole you need to fill is 8ft x 4ft x 1ft, or 32 cubic ft. You'll need 32/27th yards of dirt, or about 1.19 yards of dirt. Call it a yard and a half if you want to account for settling.

What is 32 yds 2 ft plus 4 yd 2 ft equals?

(32yds and 2ft) + (4yds and 2ft) = 36yds and 4ft. Since 1yd is 3ft, we can express the answer as 37yds and 1ft.

What is the square yard of a room that is 10ftx12ft?

10' x 12' = 120ft² 1yd² = 3ft x 3ft = 9ft² 120ft² / 9 ft² = 13.33yd²

How much plywood would you need for a room that is 16ft by 12 ft using 4ft by 8 ft wide?


If a room require 25.4 square yard of carpet what is the area of the floor in ft square?

25.4 yd^2 * 3ft^2/1yd^2 * 3ft^2/1yd^2 = 228.6 ft^2

What is 3x4 feet is equal to in inches?

3ft = 36 inches 4 ft = 48 inches. Hence 3ft x 4ft = 12 sq.ft. It follows that 36 ins x 48 ins = 1728 sq.ins.

25 ft equals how many yd and ft?

There are 3ft in a yard so: 25ft/3ft = 8yards and 1 ft =] -ray

What is the surface of a box that is 3ft by 4ft by 5ft?

Surface area = 2*(3*4 + 4*5 + 5*3) = 2*(12 + 20 + 15) = 2*47 = 94 sq ft.