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The vertex of the graph Y 3 X-12 plus 2 would be -1/3 and -4/3. This is taught in math.

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Q: What is the vertex of the graph y 3 x-1 2 plus 2?
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What is the vertex of the graph of y 3(x - 1)2 2?

The vertex of the graph Y 3 X-12 plus 2 would be -1/3 and -4/3. This is taught in math.

What degree of a vertex would lead to a vertex edge graph unable to be traveled?


How you graph the slope on a graph?

you need 2 points on the line y2-y1 slope=----- x2-x1

What is y equals x2 plus 2x plus 1 on a graph?

Interpreting that function as y=x2+2x+1, the graph of this function would be a parabola that opens upward. It would be equivalent to y=(x+1)2. Its vertex would be at (-1,0) and this vertex would be the parabola's only zero.

What is the chromatic number of an n-vertex simple connected graph which does?


How do you find a midpoint between two points on a graph?

Given two coordinates (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) The midpoint is ( ((x2+x1)/2) , ((y2+y1)/2) )

The distance between points x1 y1 and 5 -5 is the square root of x1 plus 5 2 plus y1 - 52?


What is the vertex of y equals x-3 plus 2?

The equation is linear and so has no vertex.

X1 plus x2 divided by 2 y1 plus y2 divided by 2?

formula for the midpoint of a line

What is the formula for distance between two endpoints on a graph?

Distance between the two points (x1 , y1) and (x2 , y2) is square root of [ (y2 - y1)2 + (x2 - x1)2 ]

Vertex of graph x2-6x plus 5?

y=aX2+bX+c ---> y=X2-6X+5vertex formula is -b/2a( b=-6,a=1)vertex=-(-6)/2*1=6/2=3 y=32-6(3)+5---->y=-4so vertex is (3,4)

What is the vertex of the graph y-2x2 8x-3?


How many edges faces and vertex does a cone has?

2 plus 1.

Find the vertex of y equals x2 plus 10x plus 22?


Where is the vertex of the graph of y equals x2 plus 2x plus 5 located?

We need to complete the square to find the vertex of this parabola. X^2 + 2X + 5 = 0 X^2 + 2X = -5 halve the coefficient of the linear term ( 2X ) and square it perfectly and add to other side (X + 1)^2 = -5 + 1 (X + 1)^2 = -4 (X + 1)^2 + 4 = 0 Vertex is.... X = -1 Y = 4

Design an algorithm to check the graph connection?

We'll need to keep track of two things: 1) The vertices we've already visited. 2) The vertices we need to visit. Algorithm in pseudocode: Stack toVisit Set visited add any vertex to toVisit while toVisit is not empty currentVertex = toVisit.pop() visited.add(currentVertex) for each vertex in neighbors of currentVertex if vertex is not in visited toVisit.push(vertex) If visited contains all vertices in the graph, graph is connected; else, graph is not connected.

What describes how to translate the graph y x to obtain the graph of y x plus 1 plus 1?

You move the graph upwards by 2 units.

What is the vertex form of y equals x2 plus 4x - 7?

The vertex of the positive parabola turns at point (-2, -11)

X2 plus 2x - 15 equals 0?

x²+2x-15=0 x1=-2/2 - Square root of ((2/2)²+15) x1=-1-4 x1=-5 x2=-2/2 + Square root of ((2/2)²+15) x2=-1+4 x2=3

X2 plus 6x plus 9 equals 49?

x²+6x+9=49 x²+6x-40=0 x1=-6/2 - Square root of ((6/2)²+40) x1=-3 - 7 x1= -10 x2=-6/2 + Square root of ((6/2)²+40) x2=-3 + 7 x2= 4

How to find the midpoint of a segment?

You find the midpoint of a line segment by dividing its length by two. If you are given two sets of 'x' and 'y' coordinates as the endpoints of the segment on a graph, then you need to use the formula [X1 plus X2]/2, [Y1 plus Y2]/2 to find the coordinates of the midpoint.

What is an equation for a graph that is parallel to the graph of y equals -0.5x plus 2?

y = -0.5x plus or minus any number

Tell whether the graph opens up or down Find the coordinates of the vertex Write an equation of the axis of symmetry for the equation y equals 2x2 plus 3x plus 6?

y = 2x2 + 3x + 6 Since a > 0 (a = 2, b = 3, c = 6) the graph opens upward. The coordinates of the vertex are (-b/2a, f(-b/2a)) = (- 0.75, 4.875). The equation of the axis of symmetry is x = -0.75.

What is x squared plus five x minus fourteen?

The answer is: X1 = 2 X2 = -7

What is the answer to POW 15 in IMP 2?

plot 4,-5 2,2 and 7,-5 on a graph than connect the vertex