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Line them up so that the decimal points are in the same column.

Then check each set of digits from left to right:

If the digits are different, then the number with the smaller digit is smaller.

Otherwise look at the next digit.

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Q: What method would you use to compare decimals?
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Why are decimals easier to compare than fractions?

Because decimals are a form you use regularly like with money, but with fractions, its not used all the time such as a decimal is used.

Make the smallest number using all these digits 07528136?

If you can use decimals, then the smallest number would be 0.8765321. But if you can't use decimals, then it would be 10235678.

What is roman numeral for 10 .88?

The Romans did not use decimals as we know them today but they did use fractions to a limited extent.If they did use decimals then the answer would be X.LXXXVIII.

How do you do greatest to least in fractions and decimals?

To compare decimals: look at the highest-order digit and compare. If it is the same, look at the next digit, and so forth. Thus, 23.5 is greater than 11.4 (because the tens digit is greater), 123.88 is greater than 25.82 (because the second number has no hundreds digit, so you can take it to be zero), 115.28 is greater than 113.99 (the first two digits are equal, so you compare the third digit). To compare fractions: use a calculator to convert to decimals, then compare. Alternately, you can convert to a common denominator, then compare the numerators.

How does a contractor use decimals?

i dont think one would

Why do computers use the floating point system for number represantation?

Computers need a method to store decimals. More to the point, they need a method to manage very large and very small numbers - numbers that we would normally show in scientific notation.

When do you use decimals in life?

You can use decimals in money.

What symbol correctly compares two fractions?

You can use the same symbols that you use to compare integers or decimals: equal, greater than, greater-than-or-equal, etc.

How do we use decimals in the pressure of gravity?

gravity use decimals by

How efficiently to compare 2 HashSets in Java without to use foreach cycle?

If you want to compare two HashSet objects, you have very few choices. The obvious choice is to use the .equals method built into the implementation. If that doesn't work for you, then you have to use the Iterator returned by the .iterator method, which is functionally the same as using the for-each loop.The Comparable Interface can be used to compare two hashsets.Use compareTo() method.

When would you use decimals?

Whenever the numbers that I need to work with are not integers.

Where would you put the remainder if you were dividing decimals?

By the time you advance to the point of dividing decimals, you don't use remainders any more.