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the perfect square is a number that can muliply by its self to equeal its self.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What the different from perfect square an non perfect square?
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Is 17 a perfect square?

no 17 is a non-perfect square

Is a non perfect square irrational?

No. 2.25 = 1.5^2 is a non-perfect square but it is rational.

Is 10 square or non square?

It is not a perfect square.

Is 10 a square or non square?

It is not a perfect square.

Is a non-perfect square a rational number?

It can be. 7 is a non-perfect square and, being an integer, it is rational.

What is a non perfect square?

non perfect square is that it cannot be divided by any of the number . It is divided by only itself and one

What is the definition of a non perfect square?

I have never before heard of a non-perfect square but I suppose it would be any non-zero number that is not the square of an integer. People sometimes say "perfect square" to mean an integer that is a square of an integer - I think the "perfect" is redundant but if you do not think "square" is clear by itself, say "integer square."

Why is a non-perfect square irrational?

The question is based on a total misunderstanding. For example, 5 is a non-perfect square but 5 is not irrational!

Are non perfect squares irrational?

No. 2.25 is not a perfect square but it is rational.

Is the square root of a non perfect square an irrational number?

No.1/4 is not a perfect square but its square roots are +/- 1/2 which are rational.

Is 26 square non-square how do you know?

It is not a perfect square. 5-square = 25 6-square = 36 So there cannot be a perfect square between 25 and 36.

Is 45 a square number?

45 is not a perfect square number. the closest perfect squares are 49 and 36. But it is the square of the irrational number 6.708204... (an infinite, non-terminating, non-repeating decimal).

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