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Q: When chlorine water is added to colourless solution of X a dark brown solution is obtained. What is X?
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When chlorine is added to potassium iodide solution the colour changes from colourless to a dark reddy brown why does this happen?

Chlorine displaces Potassium Iodide to liberate aqueous I2(brown colour). Hence the solution turns brown.

What colour does universal indicator change to if chlorine water is added?

Bright red and the colourless

What color occurs when the indicator is added and starch is added?

when starch indicator is added, the solution turns from dark blue-black to colourless.

What indicator has no color at all?

phenolphthalien when added to an acidic solution has a colourless indicator. but shows pink colour for basic solution.

What is the formula for a Molecular chlorine is added to a solution of sodium bromide?

molecular chlorine is added to a solution of sodium bromide fine the balance equation and the net ionic equation

When NaCl is added to water the solution will have what?

The chemical and physical properties are changed.

What would be observed if chlorine water was added to a dilute solution of sodium bromide?

Chlorine will displace bromine from NaBr

What colourless gas is produced when hydrochloric acid solution is added to sodium carbonate?

Carbon dioxide gas is produced when any strong acid is added to a metal carbonate.

How much acid and chlorine should be added to a 5000 liter swimming pool?

How much acid and chlorine should be added to a 5000 liter to make 5 ppm solution

What is the test for unsaturation?

Add KMnO4 (Potassium Permanganate) which is a purple solution. If it is added to an alkene or alkyne it will turn colourless and produces a brown precipitate.

What happens when bromine water is added to ethanol?

It will turn colorless because bromine is an unsaturated compound and unsaturated compound have double bonds

What is an example of a solution that is in equilibrium?

Table salt added to water contains equal amounts of sodium and chlorine.