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4.5 litres of a 30% solution to the appropriate quantity of the 90% solution.

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Q: How many liters of a 30 solution should be added to a 90 solution to make 18 liters of a 75 solution?
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How much should be added to 2.95 liters to make 3 liters?

0.05 litres.

A chemist wants to make a 10 solution of fertilizer. how much water and how much of a 30 solution should the chemist mix to get 30 L of a 10 solution?

30 liters of a 10 % solution of fertilizer has .1(30) = 3 liters of fertilizer 1 liter of 30% solution has .3 liter of fertilizer 10 liters of 30% solution has 3 liters of fertilizer so, the chemist needs 10 liters of the 30% solution and 20 liters of water to make 30 liters of a 10% solution.

How much of a ten percent solution should be added to two cups of twenty percent solution to make a twelve percent solution?


How many liters must be added to 637 liters to make one kiloliter?

363 liters

How many liters of water must be added to 7 liters of a 20 percent acid solution to obtain a 10 percent acid solution?

7 liters of a 20% acid solution consists of 1.4 liters of acid (20% of the total volume) mixed with 5.6 liters of water (80% of the total volume). The amount of acid isn't going to change in the new solution. You are just going to add enough water to make it a 10% solution instead of a 20% solution. So it will be more dilute. That means that 1.4 liters of acid will represent 1/10 of the volume of the new solution. So the total volume of the new solution will be 10 x 1.4 or 14 liters. The amount of water in the new solution will be 14 - 1.4 = 12.6 liters. That is a difference of 12.6 - 5.6 = 7 liters from the amount of water you started with. So you need to add 7 liters of water to the original 20% solution to make it a 10% solution. This makes sense because if you double the amount of the mixture from 7 liters to 14 liters and the amount of acid is unchanged, the solution will be half as strong.

How many milliters of soup needs to be added to 4.56 liters to make 6 liters?

1,440 ml needs to be added.

How many liters of 93 percent acid solution are needed to make a 9 percent solution with 50 liters of water?


How much sodium bicarb should be added to make 8.4 percent solution 500 ml?


How much acid and chlorine should be added to a 5000 liter swimming pool?

How much acid and chlorine should be added to a 5000 liter to make 5 ppm solution

A 280 mL solution is 20 percent salt How much water should be added to make the solution 14 percent salt?

98 mL

A chemist is making 200 L of a solution that is 62 percent acid He is mixing an 80 percent acid solution with a 30 percent acid solution How much of the 80 percent acid solution will he use?

The chemist will use 100 liters of the 80% acid solution and 100 liters of the 30% acid solution to make a 200-liter solution that is 62% acid. The amount of acid in the 80% solution will be 0.8 * 100 = 80 liters, and in the 30% solution, it will be 0.3 * 100 = 30 liters.

How can i make a 10 percent glucose solution from 50 percent glucose solution?

Let's say the total solution is 100 liters. 50 of the liters is glucose and 50 is water. We want to make the 50 glucose equal to 10% of the total solution. For that to happen, we need to make the total solution 500 liters (50 of the 500 would be a 10% solution). So we add 400 liters of water to the original 100 liter (50/50) solution. Take the total number of units and multiply by 4. Add that much in water.