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And the word is minus, not minis.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When this polynomial is simplified what is the coefficient of x2 5x2 plus 3x minis 6x3 plus 4x2 plus 2x minis x plus 10?
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When this is polynomial is simplified what is the coefficient of x3 5x2 plus 3x2b minis 6x3 plus 4x2 plus 2x32b minis x plus 10?

-6. And the word is still minus, not minis.

What is the coefficient of the term of degree 7 in the polynomial 4 plus 6x7 plus 10x - 5x6 - 2x5?


What is the coefficient of the term of degree 4 in this polynomial 4x8 plus 5x4-2x3 plus x2-1?

For a single term, the "degree" refers to the power. The coefficient is the number in front of (to the left of) the x.

What is the coefficient of the term of degree 4 in this polynomial 2x5 plus 3x4 - x3 plus x2 - 12?

it is 3. You are doing APEX right?

What kind of polynomial is this 2x5 plus 2x4 plus 2x plus 1?

A fifth degree polynomial.

What is the coefficient of the term of degree 1 in the polynomial 5x2 plus 7x10 - 4x4 plus 9x - 2?

= 5x2+70-16+9x-2 = 5x2+9x+52 = 5x2+9x1+52 This implies coefficient of degree 1 is 9. Ans.

What is the polynomial for x2 plus 11x plus 30?

The actual equation itself is the polynomial. There is no polynomial for it, and your question doesn't really make sense.

Is the degree of the polynomial 3x4 plus 4x3 - 3x4 plus 5x plus 1 is 3?

Yes. Before using the polynomial for any productive purpose, it would have to be cleaned up and simplified. In that process, the +3x4 and -3x4 would go away, and the highest-order term remaining would be the 4x3.

What type of polynomial is 7x2 - 5x plus 2?

It is a quadratic polynomial.

What kind of polynomial is 3x3 plus x plus 1?

what kind of polynomial is shown 3x3+x+1

What degree is the polynomial 35-6x2 plus 7x3 plus 5x?

7X^3 Third degree polynomial.

Is x2 plus 1 a expression are polynomial?

Both - a polynomial expression, if you like.

What is the degree of this polynomial 3x2 - 4x plus 9?

The degree of this polynomial is 2.

What are the coefficients of x3 8x2-5x plus 4?

1, 8, -5 and 4 One could argue that 4 is not a coefficient, but a term of it's own. On the other hand, if you follow the pattern in the polynomial, you could argue that it's a coefficient of x0.

X plus 5 x plus 2 as a polynomial in standard form?

As a polynomial in standard form, x plus 5x plus 2 is 6x + 2.

What is the coefficient of x in 4 plus 3y plus x?

The coefficient of X is 1

Is x4 plus x plus 6 a polynomial?


Is 4x plus 3y-2z a polynomial?

See definition of polynomial and monomials. You will see.

What is 2n 4 plus 3n a monomial a binomial or a polynomial?

It is a binomial, which is also a polynomial.

What is the simplified version of 6b plus 3b plus 8b?

It is 17b when simplified

If the factors of a polynomial are x plus 2 and x plus 6 what values of x make that polynomial 0?

-2 and -6

5x plus 3x-6x plus 4x plus 2x-x plus 10 what the coeffiecient of x?

5x+3x-6x+4x+2x-x+10 This expression can be simplified to: 7x+10 (7 being the coefficient of x)

What is a plus a plus a simplified?


Is x plus 2 a polynomial?


Is x2 plus 1 a polynomial?