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because the flat side of a cone is a circle.

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Q: Why is the top and bottom of a cylinder a circle?
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What shape is the top and the bottom of a cylinder?

A circle

Does a cylinder have three faces?

No a cylinder only has 2 faces, the top circle and the bottom circle. If you are confused look at a soda can, the top of the soda can and the bottom of the soda can are your 2 faces.

Describe the net of a cylinder?

there's a rectangle in the middle and then a circle at the top and the bottom of the rectangle

What cylinder is cylinder?

a cylinder is a cone with a circle at the bottom and a wrapping

How many faces edges and vertice cylinder have?

A cylinder has 3 faces (one . the top circle , second , the bottom circle , and third , the lateral surface of the cylinder.) A cylinder does not have any edges , neither does it have any vertices.

How do you draw cylinder?

first you draw a circle and the one line at the top and the bottom and then another circle (this way is laying down) draw a very thin circle at the top and then you draw one line on each side and the do sort-of a round half- of-a circle on the bottom

Has a cylinder got edges?

yes 2 - where each circle joins the curved face, at the top and at the bottom

What is the base of a cylinder?

The base of a cylinder is the circle on the bottom, the area being the area of that circle.

What figure has a circle on the bottom?

A cone/cylinder

What is a shape has to circle faces on the top and bottom and has a rectangle as the front and side?

This is a cylinder. When seen from the top or bottom it is a circle. From any side view (360°) it looks like a rectangle. There are special cases of other solids that appear like this but the cylinder is the most common. Traneengineer, Rocklin, CA

What figure is at the bottom view of a cylinder?

If its a regular cylinder, it should be a circle.

What shape is the top of a cylinder?

A circle.

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