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Yes, you can.

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Q: Can you get a decimal using cramer's rule?
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What test is an alternative to the contingency coefficient?

Cramers V

How do you write 375000 using scientific notation?

Scientific notation is the writing of a number as a decimal number with one digit left of the decimal and all the other digits to the right, and then the power of ten appropriate to expressing that number. Here we have 375,000 for our number. First we need to figure out where the decimal is going to be. It will, per the rule, be between the 3 and the 7. That puts it in a place where only the 3 is to the left of the decimal. (One digit, per the rule.) To get it there, we need to move the decimal to the left by five places. When we move the decimal to the left, we have to multiply by a positive power of 10 to correctly express the number. 375,000 = 3.75 x 105 for your answer in scientific notation.

What is the area of a regular pentagon that has a perimeter of 50cm?

Using trigonometry and the sine rule the area of the regular 5 sided pentagon with a perimeter of 50cm works out as 172.048 square cm rounded to 3 decimal places.

Linear prediction rule?

Linear prediction is a mathematical operation on future values of an estimated discrete time signal. Its rule is to predict the output by using the given inputs.

What is the roster method?

It seems that 'roster and rule' is finding a rule that the elements of a set follow, by listing the elements of the set in order. Or possibly, the roster is the list or diagram of the ordered elements, while the rule is the equivalent form using selection of elements from a domain matching a rule.

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How is the cramers rule applied?

the cramers rule is applied on matrices

Can you write a program that implements cramers rule for 2x2 and 3x3 matrix?

Yes I can. I did it in QBasic about 15 years ago.

What are the ratings and certificates for Tante Cramers testamente - 1941?

Tante Cramers testamente - 1941 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S

What test is an alternative to the contingency coefficient?

Cramers V

What is the rule for a decimal times 0.1?

Move the decimal point one place to the left.

6.03 using a decimal fraction.?

6.03 IS expressed using decimal form!

How do you write 27.3 percent as a decimal?

DP rule. From percent to decimal move the decimal two places to the left. 27.3%=.273

When is it easiest to find the percent of a number using a fraction using a decimal?

Using a decimal, of course. All you need do is move the decimal point two places to the right.

What is 26.4 percent as a decimal?

Use the dp rule decimal is on the left and percent to the right. Move the decimal two places to the left to change to a decimal. 2.64

Who is Jim Cramers new wife?

Jim met his wife Karen when he began his career as a hedge fund manager

What are the angles and area of a triangle with sides of 2.6cm by 2.85cm by 4.7cm?

Using the cosine rule angles of the triangle are: 119.10 degrees, 31.99 degrees and 28.91 degrees all rounded to two decimal places. Using sine area formula its area is: 3.24 square cm rounded to two decimal places.

What is the decimal for 25.3 percent?

Dr. Pepper rule. DP means decimal to percent move decimal to right to get percent. Move decimal to the left to change percent to decimal. 25.3%=.253