Factor x5 plus x2

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x2(x3 + 1) is the best you can do there.

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Q: Factor x5 plus x2
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How do you factor -x5-x3 plus 6x?

-x(x2 - 2)(x2 + 3)

What is x to the fifth power plus x to the second power minus 4 divided by x plus 3?


How do you factor x to the fifth minus one?

x5-1 = (x - 1)(x4 + x3 + x2 + 1)

What is x5 divided by x3?


What is the expntents of x5 - 3x4 plus x2 - 4 plus 5x4 plus 3x2 plus 2x plus 1?


How do you factor when there's powers in the equation?

A power can be factored in many different ways; for example: x5 = x times x4 = x2 times x3. When such a power appears as a term in combination with other expressions, you should look out for common factoring patterns. Here are two examples: x2 + x5 Here, you can use the pattern "common factor". In this case, both parts have the common factor x2, so you can factor it out. x4 - 1 Here, you can use the pattern "difference of squares". Note that x4 is the square of x2, and 1 is the square of 1.

What is the cubed root of x to the fifth?

Need to factor under radical cubic root[X5} cubic root[X2 * X3] now bring out the X3 X*cubic root[X2] -----------------------

What is the area of a rectangle x2 by x3?

x5 square units.

Who were the last 5 golden glove winners for the cubs?

Andre Dawson x2, Bob Derier, Ron Santo x5, Greg Maddux x5, Mark Grace x2

What is the greatest common factor of x5 and x3?

Since x3 is a factor of x5, it is automatically the GCF.

What is x2 times x3?

If x2 and x3 are meant to represent x2 and x3, then x2 times x3 = x5 You find the product of exponent variables by adding the exponents.

What is the factor x to the fifth power - x to the third power plus x to the second power - 1?

x^5 - x^3 + x^2 - 1 = (x - 1)(x + 1)(x + 1)(x^2 - x + 1)

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