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If the point (x,y) is on the graph of the even function y = f(x) then so is (-x,y)

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2009-09-10 15:45:20
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Q: Find the coordinates of a second point on the graph of a function f if the given point is on the graph and the function is even?
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What is graph in physics?

Graph is a collection of points whose coordinates satisfy a given relation.

What does to graph a point mean?

Mark the position of the point on the graph according to the coordinates of the point that are given (or calculated).

When you are given a graph how can you come up with a rational function equation?

You cannot, necessarily. Given a graph of the tan function, you could not.

What is true about all coordinate points in quadrant IV of a coordinate graph?

Their first coordinates are positive and their second coordinates are negative.

How do you determine where to mark a point on the graph?

At the given coordinates where the x and y values intersect

How can you tell by looking at a graph its a function?

Draw a graph of a given curve in the xoy plane. Now draw a vertical line so that it cuts the graph. If the vertical line cuts the graph in more than one ordinate then given graph is not a function. If it cuts the graph at a single ordinate such a graph is a function.(is called vertical line test)

Is a sign graph a function?

A function must have a value for any given domain. For each edge (or interval), the sign graph has a sign (+ or -) . So, it is a function.

How do you graph and evaluate piecewise functions?

Graph each "piece" of the function separately, on the given domain.

What is a coordinates on a graph?

It is where the x and y coordinates intersect.

What information does the graph of a function provide with respect to the algebraic equation?

The coordinates of the points on the curve represent solutions of the equation.

What is a coordinate graph?

graph with data plotted with coordinates

What is a vertical shift?

A vertical shift is the vertical motion of a function on a graph through manipulation of the y-coordinates, while simultaneously leaving the x-coordinates unchanged. A horizontal shift is the opposite of a vertical shift, in that the function is moving horizontally by manipulating the x-coordinates and leaving the y-coordinates unchanged.

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