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Divide the perimeter by 4 and then square the result to find the area of the square.

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Q: If you know a perimeter of a square but not the length or width how do you find the area?
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How do you calculate the top dimensions of a rectangle if you know its perimeter and bottom area?

Important to note are these formulae: Perimeter_of_rectangle = 2 x (length + width) Area_of_rectangle = length x width So if the perimeter and area are known, then: 2 x (length + width) = perimeter => length + width = perimeter / 2 => length = perimeter / 2 - width length x width = area => (perimeter / 2 - width) x width = area (substituting for length given above) => perimeter / 2 x width - width2 = area => width2 - perimeter / 2 x width + area = 0 which is a quadratic and can be solved either by factorization or by using the formula: width = (perimeter / 2 +/- sqrt(perimeter2 / 4 - 4 x area)) / 2 = (perimeter +/- sqrt(perimeter2 - 16 x area)) / 4 This will provide two values for the width. However, each of these values is the length for the other, so the larger value is the length and the smaller value is the width. Sometimes only 1 value will be found for the width above. In this case, the rectangle is actually a square which means that the length and width are both the same. Examples: 1. perimeter = 6, area = 2 width2 - perimeter / 2 x width + area = 0 => width2 - 6 / 2 x width + 2 = 0 => width2 - 3 x width + 2 = 0 => (width - 2) x (width - 1) = 0 => width = 2 or 1. So the length is 2 and the width is 1. 2. perimeter = 12, area = 9 width2 - perimeter / 2 x width + area = 0 => width2 - 12 / 2 x width + 9 = 0 => width2 - 6 x width + 9 = 0 => (width - 3)2 = 0 => width = 3 So the rectangle is a square with both length and width of 3.

What is the area and perimeter of a shaded rectangle?

The area is the length times the width. The perimeter is two times the length plus two times the width.

How do you find area when given perimeter and width?

If you are given the width and the perimeter, then figure out what the length is then calculate the area... hope this helps :)

How do you mesure the length and width in square feet?

You don't measure the length and width in square feet. Square feet is an area. You measure the length and width in feet, then multiply them to get the area in square feet.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with an area of 28m and a width of 4m?

In order to make sense of this question it is necessary to assume that the area is 28 SQUARE metres and not 28 metres as stated. Then, Length = Area/Width = 28/4 = 7m Then perimeter = 2*(Length + width) = 2*(7 + 4) = 2*11 = 22 metres.

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What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 800?

Area = Legth x Width In a square, Length = Width Therefore Area = Length x Length (or Width x Width) Area = Length squared Length = Square Root of 800 Perimeter = 4 x length Perimeter = 4 x Square Root of 800 Perimeter = 113.14

What is the difference between perimeter and area of polygon?

perimeter is the measure around the figure; area is the measure within the figure formula: perimeter: length+length+width+width=perimeter (for square or rectangle) area: length times width= area ( for square or rectangle)

What is the formula for finding the area and perimeter of a square?

The area of a square is: A = Width × Height or A = Length * Length = Length^2 The Perimeter of a square is: P = Length + Length + Length + Length = 4 * Length

How do you get the area and perimeter of a square?

You multiply length times width

How do you find the perimeter and the area of a square?

The perimeter is found by adding the length of each side. The area is found by multiplying the length of the square by the width.

What is the perimeter of a square that has an area of 81 meters square?

36, area is equal to length X width, perimeter is equal to 2(length)+2(width) in a square length is equal to width, so we take the square root of the area to find that both are 9, which means the perimeter is 9 X 4, 36.

How do you get the area of a rectangle if you know the width perimeter and length?

you times the length by the width to get the area of any rectangular or square shapes

How do you figure out what the width is with a length?

if you have the area. divide the area by the length to get the width. If you have the perimeter subtract the length twice and divide the number you have by two. If it is a square the width is the same as the length.

What measurements do you need to find the area and perimeter of a rectangle how would you use these measurements to find the area and perimeter of a rectangle?

you need length and width length multiply width = area length + length + width + width = perimeter

How do you get the area if you have the width and the perimeter?

Perimeter = 2 lengths + 2 widths 1/2 perimeter = length + width Length = 1/2 perimeter - width Area = length x width That's (1/2 perimeter - width) x (width) .

What is the length and width of a garden if it has the greatest possible area?

For a given perimeter, its a square.

How do you find the perimeterof a rectangle in square feet?

If the dimensions of the rectangle are in feet, the perimeter will be in feet as well. The area will be in square feet. The area is length x width. The perimeter is 2 x (length + width) or 2 x length + 2 x width.

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