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4.95 hours

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Q: John can paint a fence in 9 hours Tim can paint the same fence in 11 hours How much time would the two working together need to paint the same fence?
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Caroline can paint a fence in 6 hours Her sister Lily can paint the same fences in 4 hours How long will it take them to paint the fence if they work together?

Caroline can paint half the fence in 3 hours and Lily can paint half the fence in 2 hours, so it will take a total of 5 hours for them to paint the fence while working together.

Two boys can paint a fence in 7 hours Two girls can paint the same fence in 5 hours In the unlikely event that they can work at the same pace together how long would the four people working togethe?

2.9 hours

Delbert can paint a fence by himself in 11 hours and Dorothy can paint the same fence in 12 hours How long will it take them to paint the fence if they work together?

Delbert can paint the fence in 11 hours so in 1 hour Delbert paints 1/11 of a fence. Similarly, in 1 hour Dorothy paints 1/12 of a fence. So together, in 1 hour they paint 1/11 + 1/12 = 12/132 + 11/132 = 23/132 of a fence. So to paint the fence together they would need 1 / (23/132) = 132/23 hours = 5.74 hours

Ben can paint a fence in three hours and billy takes 4hours how long will it take them painting together?

1.5 hours + 2 hours = 3.5 hours So 3.5 hours in total!

It takes Sal 5 hours to paint a house It takes Sal 3 hours to paint the same house How long will it take to paint the house if both of them work together?

It would take them 4 hours to paint the house together.

Can I paint a neighbors fence that is facing my property but on his property line?

No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

Can you use latex paint for a wood fence?

no because the paint wood get moldy on the fence and dry and crackle out so no you can't.

Can you paint decking with fence paint?

No fence paint does not have as much wax in it and it wont last very long before you have to paint it again. As decking has a lot of foot traffic as obviously a fence does not. Take it from me I found out the hard way. Yes deck paint is more expensive but will last a long time.

It takes you 6 hours to paint a room What if your friend could paint the room in 9 hours How long would it take you if you worked together?

Mrs Kelley wants to paint her classroom. If Mrs. Kelley works alone, it will take her 2 hours to paint her room. If Mrs. McCartney painted the room alone, it would take her 4 hours to paint the room. If Mrs. Kelley can convince McCartney to help her, how long will it take them to paint the room together (in hours and minutes)?

How do you know which fence is yours?

If you need to figure out which fence is yours, you can paint your fence. If your neighbors fence is paintd as well, then paint your fence a different color. Also, you could get a different kind of fence. You could get a shorter fence or you could get a taller fence. You can also get a different top design. Hope this helps with your question! Crystal 3)

How do you translate a word phrase into a math expression?

if sally can paint a house in 4 hours and john can paint the same house in 6 hours, how long will it take for them to paint the house together?

Can you paint a dark fence with light paint?

Yes, if you paint multiple coats to prevent transparency.

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