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-85 + -87 = -172

While -85 and -87 are not consecutive integers, they are consecutive odd integers.

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Q: The sum of two consecutive odd integer is -172?
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Two consecutive odd integers whose sum is 36?

17 (odd integer) + 19 (odd integer) = 36 17 and 19 are consecutive odd integers.

The sum of 2 consecutive odd integers is 244 What is the sum of the smaller integer?

The sum is four.

What is the sum of three consecutive odd integer is negative 31?

There is no set of three consecutive odd or even integers whose sum is negative 31.

Is it possible for four consecutive integers whose sum is an odd integer?


Two consecutive odd integers have a sum of 36 what is the smaller integer?

The smaller integer is 17.

What are the three consecutive odd integers with sum of -30?

It cannot be done. The basic rules of math. odd integer plus odd integer = even integer. odd integer plus even integer = odd integer. Always. odd integer plus odd integer plus odd integer = odd integer. Always.

Why can you not find 2 consecutive odd numbers that have a sum of 29?

29 cannot be the sum of two odd integers. The sum of two odd integers is always an even integer.

What are two consecutive odd Integers whose sum is 51?

No possible solution.The sum of any two odd integers is an even integer.

The sum of four consecutive odd integers is 248. What is the smallest integer?

59,61,63,65 It is 59

Sum of two consecutive odd integers is 244 what is the smallest integer?

The smallest is 121.

What is the answer to this---Find two consecutive integers the sum of whose squares is 130?

If you have two consecutive integers then one of them must be odd and the other must be even. The square of an odd integer must be odd, the square of an even integer must be even. The sum of an odd number and an even number must be odd. Thus, the sum of squares of any two consecutive numbers must be odd. Therefore, the question has no valid answer.

What is the sum of the three consecutive odd integer of 165?

The integers are 53, 55 and 57.