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It's the difference between multiplication and division. Multiplying binomials is combining them. Factoring polynomials is breaking them apart.

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Q: What is the difference multiplying binomials with factoring polynomials into binomial factors?
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How is factoring a polynomial different from multiplying two binomials?

The same way that factoring a number is different from multiplying two factors. In general, it is much easier to multiply two factors together, than to find factors that give a certain product.

Who discovered factoring polynomials by grouping?


What meaning of factoring polynomials?

Smallest of Multiple Addition

What strategies is appropriate for factoring polynomials with 4 terms?

A strategy that would be appropriate in factoring polynomials with 4 terms would be by grouping where you first determine if the polynomial can be factored by a group.

What is the inverse of factoring?


When factoring polynomials under what circumstances do you change the operation?

you dont

Where does the smell of a skunk go factoring polynomials 13.3?

The two things are completely unrelated.

What is the process of factoring terms and numbers in an expression?


What are the kinds of factor?

factoring whole numbers,factoring out the greatest common factor,factoring trinomials,factoring the difference of two squares,factoring the sum or difference of two cubes,factoring by grouping.

How do you tell if a polynomial cannot be factored?

Try all the factoring techniques that you have been taught. If none work then it is prime (cannot be factored), try looking for (1) a greatest common factor (2) special binomials ... difference of squares, difference (or sum) of cubes (3) trinomal factoring techniques (4) other polymonials look for grouping techniques.

How are Factoring polynomials with coefficient of 1 used in real life?

When you are doing homework with algebra or other stuff Ect

Factoring polynomials 9k2-12k plus 4?

(3k - 2)(3k - 2) or (3k - 2)2