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x= ay² + by + c Apex :3

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Q: What is the standard form of the equation of a parabola that opens left or right?
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Given the standard equation for a parabola opening left or right which way does a parabola open when the coefficient of the y2-term a is positive?


Given the standard equation for a parabola opening left or right which way does a parabola open when the coefficient of the y2-term a is positive Left or right?


Determine whether the parabola y equals -x2 plus 15x plus 8 opens up down left or right?

when you have y=+/-x2 +whatever, the parabola opens up y=-(x2 +whatever), the parabola opens down x=+/-y2 +whatever, the parabola opens right x=-(y2 +whatever), the parabola opens left so, your answer is up

What is a parabola that opens to the right called?

It is a square root mapping. This is not a function since it is a one-to-many mapping.

What does 4 stands for in equation of parabola square of square of y equals 4ax?

A parabola with an equation, y2 = 4ax has its vertex at the origin and opens to the right. It's not just the '4' that is important, it's '4a' that matters. This type of parabola has a directrix at x = -a, and a focus at (a, 0). By writing the equation as it is, the position of the directrix and focus are readily identifiable. For example, y2 = 2.4x doesn't say a great deal. Re-writing the equation of the parabola as y2 = 4*(0.6)x tells us immediately that the directrix is at x = -0.6 and the focus is at (0.6, 0)

Which way does a parabola open when the coefficient of its y2term a is negative?

Nose points right, opens to the left.

In the standard equation for a hyperbola that opens left and right the value b equals half the length of the hyperbola's transverse axis?


How do you find the vertex of a parabola?

Solution 1Start by putting the parabola's equation into the form y = ax2 + bx + c if it opens up or down,or x = ay2 + by + c if it is opens to the left or right,where a, b, and c are constants.The x-value for the vertex is -(b/2a). You can use this x-value to solve for the y-value by substituting the x value in the original quadratic equation.Solution 2Put the parabola's equation into this form: y - k = 4p(x - h)2or x - h = 4p(y - k)2You just need to simplify the equation until it looks like this. The vertex is located at the coordinates (h,k). (p is for the focus, but that isn't important as long as you know h and k.)

What is the definition of parabola?

There are several ways of defining a parabola. Here are some:Given a straight line and a point not on that line, a parabola is the locus of all points that are equidistant from that point (the focus) and the line (directrix).A parabola is the intersection of the surface of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to a generating line of that surface.A parabola is the graph of a quadratic equation.

The equation below describes a parabola. If a is positive which way does the parabola open y ax2?

right apex. hope that helps

What is its linear equation and how would you write in standard form if x plus y to the second power equals 25?

You were going along pretty good until you hit the words "to the second power". Right there, you no longer have a 'linear' equation. The question looks like you're trying to say one of the following two equations: Either x + y2 = 25 or (x + y)2 = 25. Neither is a linear equation. Each is the equation of a parabola.

What is the standard form of x2 10x y 200?

Let's say you want the standard form of the equation x2 + 10x + y + 20 = 0. x2 + 10x + y + 20 = 0 (add 5 and subtract y to both sides) x2 + 10x + 25 = -y + 5 (form the square to the left, and factor out -1 to the right) (x + 5)2 = -(y - 5) which is in the standard form (x - h)2 = 4p(y - k), where (h, k) = (-5, 5) is the vertex, and 4p = -1 yields p = -1/4, so the parabola opens downward.