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Yes, when a nonzero integer is divided by it's opposite it's value equals -1

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Q: When a nonzero integer is divided by it's opposite is -1?
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Is a nonzero integer divided by its opposite always equal to -1explain and include examples?

yes because when a negative and a posative number are in a multiplication or division, the answer will be negative. Example= -5 divided by 5= -1

If N is a nonzero integer then n plus 1 divided by n is always greater than 1?


How many are possible nonzero remainders by 3?

There are two possible nonzero remainders when dividing a number by 3: 1 and 2. Any nonzero integer can be divided by 3 resulting in either a remainder of 1 or 2.

What is a nonzero integer between -1 and 1?

There is none. An integer has to be a number with no decimal places

When an integer is divided by 1 what is the quotient?

When an integer is divided by 1 same integer number will be the quotient

What is the opposite of a positive integer?

a negative integer or a fraction (as in 1/integer) or a negative fraction (as in -1/integer).

Why is 1 the least common integer?

1 is the least common factor of any set of positive integers because 1 is a factor of all nonzero integers and 1 is the smallest positive integer.

What does odd number means?

It is an integer which, when divided by 2, leaves a remainder of 1.

What are some of the rules of scientific notation?

The first number must be a nonzero single-digit integer. The exponent must be an integer.

Is nonzero number divide by itself?

A non-zero number divided by itself is 1.

Is a negative integer divided by a negative integer a positive or negative integer?

Always positive. For example, -3 divided by -1 = +3, because there are THREE lots of -1 in -3.

What is any nonzero number divided by itself?

x/x = 1 y/y = 1 nzn/nzn = 1