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Because not always is so. When you subtract a negative number from 2, then the result is a number larger than 2.

2 - 1 = 1; 1< 2

2 - 4 = -2; -2 < 2 but

2 - (-1) = 2 + 1 = 3; 3 > 2

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Q: When you subtract a number from 2 the answer is always less than 2 Why is this statement not correct?
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The statement is correct.

The absolute value of a number is always postive or 0?

Yes; your statement is correct.

Think of any number Add 7 to it subtract 2 Subtract your original number multiply this by 4 and subtract 2 You will always get 18 Why?

Call the unknown number n. Then, from the problem statement, {4[(n + 7 - 2) - n]} - 2 = 18. This is always true because [(n + 7 - 2) - n] is simply 5.

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No.If you subtract a positive number, you move to the left.If you subtract a negative number, you move to the right.

When adding a positive number to a negative number why do you always get a positive number?

-5+-3 = -8 ++ Add -- Add +- Subtract -+ Subtract

When you subtract a number from 2 is the number always less than 2?

Not necessarily.

When you subtract two even numbers what will your answer be?

a even number always

Does a negative minus a number equal a positive?

That is correct. If you subtract a positive number from a negative number, your result is negative.

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I am rational, but not a number. This statement is therefore half correct.

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Infinitely many times; you can always subtract 2 from whatever number you have in the series 9 - 2n.

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7 is an odd number. If you subtract an odd number minus an even number, you will always get an odd number. There is no way to avoid this.