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4x - 15 = 5x - 10

5x = 4x - 5

x = -5

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Q: Fifteen less than the product of four and a number is the product of five and the number decreased by ten find the number?
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When half of a number is decreased by 24 the result is 95 find the number?


When the product of a number and 8 is decreased by 14 the result is 10 find the number?

Let the number be x: 8x-14 = 10 Add 14 to both sides: 8x = 24 Divide both sides by 8 to find the value of x: x = 3

Twice a number decreased by 8 is equal to the number increased by 10. Find the number?


How do you calculate what percentage a number was decreased?

A percentage is a portion of 100. so to find the calculation of a decreased percentage, you subtract.

What is a number decreased from 250 to 195 find the rate of decreased?

Anong iilalalagay ko plus o times

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When the quotient of 3 and a number is decreased by 10 the result is 19 Find the number?


How do you find fifteen percent?

Multiply original number by .15, this will give you the answer.

What does 35 decreased by a number is 15 mean?

35 - some number = 15 and usually you are required to find the number.

Twelve decreased by twice a number is -7 find the number?

12-2n= -72n = 19n = 9.5

What does 4 decreased by a number x mean?

The phrase "4 decreased by a number x" means that you are subtracting some number from the number 4, but you do not know what number you are subtracting. The number x is an unknown, that you are trying to find means:4 - x

How do i find the product and identify the whole number between which the product lies?

You have to carry out the multiplication and thentruncate the answer to find the lower whole number,add 1 to that to find the next whole number.