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Turn the fraction into a decimal and place it on the left side of zero where it fits.

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Q: How would you graph a negative fraction on a number line?
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How do you multiply a fraction by a negative number?

Using the same principles as multiplying a negative whole number by a positive whole number, where the result would be a negative, the product of a (positive) fraction and a negative whole number would equal the product of the two, with the minus sign included. For example, 1/2 x -4 = -2. The same rule can be applied the other way around, multiplying a negative fraction by a positive number would produce the same result.

How do you you reduce a fraction with a negative number as a numerator?

Reduce it as you would normally, negative fractions are no different to positive fractions. Also, it doesn't matter which of the numerator or denominator are negative, as long as when it is reduced the fraction is negative overall.

How do you subtract a negative fraction from a negative fraction?

In the same way that you would answer a fraction subtract another fraction. The result could be either positive or negative, just as is the case with negative whole numbers.

How do you simplify a fraction with a negative number on the top?

like you would with a regular faction. just keep the negative at the top once you have simlified it

How would you add a negative number and a fraction?

Deduct negative from positive. for example 2 1/4 +-2=1/4.

How would you graph -3.4 on a number line graph?

On a number line, the positive numbers extend to the right of zero, and the negative numbers extend to the left of zero. So -3.4 is 3.4 to the left of zero.

Is a negative number added to a negative number positive or negative?

The answer to a problem that has a negative number added to a negative number would be negative.It would be a negative

What is the negative reciprocal of a slope?

The negative reciprocal of any gradient gives the gradient of the line perpendicular to it. If you had a line of gradient 2, the negative reciprocal would be -1/2 Just change the sign on the number and flip the number/fraction to get the negative reciprocal.

Can acceleration ever be negative?

Acceleration is negative when the object is moving in the opposite direction. on a graph the line would be in the negative quadrant.

How do you divide negative mixed number?

The first stage in dividing by a negative mixed number would be to convert that number into a top-heavy or vulgar fraction. Once this has been done, you ignore the negative sign for the time being, and multiply the number by the denominator. After this, you divide by the numerator. Finally, you swap the sign of the number you started with. If you were dividing a negative number the answer is positive. If you were dividing a positive number the answer is negative.

How would a graph of negative and positive acceleration differ?

This depends on what the graph represents. If it is a graph of velocity on the vertical and time on the horizontal, then if acceleration is at a constant rate, the graph will be a straight line with positive slope (pointing 'up'). If acceleration stops, then the graph will be a horizontal line (zero acceleration or deceleration). If it is deceleration (negative acceleration), then the graph will have negative slope (pointing down).

What would a graph that has a negative slope show?

It would have a downhill slope from left to right

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