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If p = 50 of q then q is 2% of p.

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Q: If p is 50 of q then what percent of p is q?
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If p is 40 percent of q then q is what percent of p?

For this problem, assume q is 100. So, if p is 40 percent, that would mean 40/100 which equals .4 or 40 percent. So, 100/40 equal 2.5 or 250 percent. If p is 40 percent of q, then q is 250 percent of p.

If p is 50 percent of q and r is 40 percent of q what percent of r is p?

p = 50q/100 = 1/2 q r = 40q/100 = 2/5 q p = (1/2)/(2/5) = (1/2)(5/2) = 5/4 r or 1 1/4 r Thus, p is 125% of r.

If p is 120 of q then q os what percent of p?

It is 83.33... (repeating) %.

25 P is a Q?

25 percent is a quarter

What value is assigned to the type int variable ans in this statement if the value of p is 100 and q is 50?

It is not possible to answer this question without knowing the actual expression used in the assignment statement. The following are merely example expressions showing some of the values that could be assigned to ans: int ans, p=100, q=50; ans = p + q; // ans = 150 ans = p * q; // ans = 5000 ans = p - q; // ans = -50 ans = p / q; // ans = 2 ans = p % q; // ans = 0

How do you find the percent change from one year to the next?

Suppose the value of whatever it is, is P in the first year and Q in the next. Then the percentage change is 100*(P - Q)/Q or, equivalently, 100*(P/Q - 1)

If p q and q r then p r. Converse statement B.A syllogism C.Contrapositive statement D.Inverse statement?

Converse: If p r then p q and q rContrapositive: If not p r then not (p q and q r) = If not p r then not p q or not q r Inverse: If not p q and q r then not p r = If not p q or not q r then not p r

What is qยฒ-pยฒ divided by q-p?

q + p

P can do a piece of work in 9 days Q is 50 percent more efficient than P The number of days it takes Q to do the same piece of work is?

Q can do the work in 6 days. ( Time taken by P will be more than Q i.e their time ratio will be 150:100 and this is to 9:x, or 150:100::9:X which will give value of X as 6)

What is the sum or difference of p and q?

The sum of p and q means (p+q). The difference of p and q means (p-q).

What is the truth table for p arrow q?

Not sure I can do a table here but: P True, Q True then P -> Q True P True, Q False then P -> Q False P False, Q True then P -> Q True P False, Q False then P -> Q True It is the same as not(P) OR Q

What are the dimensions for a parallelogram if its area is 120 and its perimeter is between 40 and 50?

Suppose the sides of the parallelogram are of lengths p and q and let p <= q.Then either 10 < p <= sqrt(120) and 120/p <= q < 12.5 or sqrt(120) <=p <= q <= 12.5

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