What does a decimal point mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A decimal point indicates the point where a whole number ends and the fractional number begins.

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Q: What does a decimal point mean?
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What does the decimal point mean in money?

the decimal point in money is to separate the dollars from the cents.

What does the decimal point in 3.01 mean?

it is poo

When you write 1.35 dollors what does the decimal point mean?

The decimal point means it’s separating the number of dollars and the number of cents. If the decimal point wasn’t there, it would be $133 instead of $1.33.

What does it mean by write each amount in dollar notation?

It will have a dollar sign and decimal point with two digits on the right of the decimal point.

What is 98 as a decimal?

If you mean 98%, the answer is 0.98. If you really mean 98, the answer is 98 or 98.0 if you need to see the decimal point.

What does find a terminating decimal mean?

It is a requirement to find a decimal representation which has only a finite number of digits after the decimal point.

What is the difference between a decimal point and a decimal?

A decimal point is the actual point. A decimal is the number that has a decimal point in it. For example; 28429.018

Where does the decimals used?

What do you mean if you mean in multiplication after multiplying move the decimal to the left for how many numbers there were after the decimal point. if you mean in addition or subtraction the you line up the numbers and then the point stays where it was Ex. 2.13 +31.4 --------- 43.53 If you mean in division then the easiest way is to move the decimal point to the right of the divisor however many times you wish and you have to do the same with the dividend and after dividing that you have to replace however many times you move the decimal point

What does two decimal places mean?

Two decimal places means two numbers after the decimal point. (which looks like a period)

What is a very small number containing a decimal point and what does it mean?

0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001 is a very small decimal number. ^^

What are the numbers that are behind the decimal called?

If you mean the numbers to the right of the decimal point, they comprise the fractional part of the number.

What does rounding to the nearest dime mean?

Round to the nearest tenth, the first decimal place to the right of the decimal point.