What is 33.3333 percent as a fraction?

Updated: 12/28/2023
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33.3333% = 1/3

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Q: What is 33.3333 percent as a fraction?
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What does a third equal?

EitherAs a percent: 33.3333...%orAs a decimal: .333333...orAs a fraction: 1/3

What is o.333333... as a fraction in lowest terms?


What is bigger 30 percent or one third?

One third is bigger. 1/3 = .333333 30% = .30

Is .333333... A rational number?

Yes because it can be expressed as a fraction in the form of 1/3

What is 333333?

333333 = 333,333

What is 33.3333 as a fraction?

33.3333 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 333333/10000 which cannot be simplified.

What is 1 3 in decimal form?

The fraction 1/3 in decimal form is .3 repeating (.333333...)

Is 30 percent is one-third?

No, thirty percent is 3/10ths. 1/3rd on the other hand is .333333...and so on endlessly.

What is 2 6ths as a percent?

33.333333% The .3 is never ending. You can show this by putting a line over the last 3. To find the percent on a calculator just divide the numerator (top number on the fraction) by the denominator (bottom number on the fraction). So divide 2 by 6 and you should get .333333 never ending. Move the decimal two spaces to the right and you have you answer in percent form: 33.333% :) Hope this helped.

Percent as a fraction?

To change a percent into a fraction, divide the percent number by 100, and if you can, simplfy the fraction.

How do you change 47 percent into a fraction?

47 percent into a fraction = 47/100 in fraction

What is changing a fraction to a percent called?

Converting a fraction to a percent.