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Golf, because you can get below par, like a double bogey or a bogey.

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Q: What is a sport that has negative numbers for points?
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How do you use negative and positive numbers in real life?

You use positive numbers all the time, like in a store. But negative numbers are used when you're in debt. The more money you owe, the more you're in debt, the lower the numbers go. Also in games where you can have points deducted, sometimes you may end up with -5 points.

Can a triangle have a negative side?

The sides of a triangle are its lengths are cannot be negative. However, you could place a triangle on coordinate system and some points where the vertices are could be negative numbers.

How can you graph and locate points that contain negative numbers in a coordinate plane?

To,plota point, start at the origin and count along the x axis until you reach the x coordinate, count right for positive numbers, left for negative.

What sport do you get points for a Try?

You get points for a try in the sport of rugby league and rugby union football.

What type of numbers is the sum of two negative numbers?

They will be negative numbers as for example -5+(-7) = -12

Is a negative a whole numbers?

No. Whole numbers are counting numbers and zero.

Where do you see negative numbers?

Where do we see negative numbers

What is the sign of product of three negative numbers?

The product of three negative numbers is negative.

What is the sign of the product of a three negative numbers?

The product of three negative numbers is negative.

What are some examples of negative numbers in daily life?

There are lots of situations in the real world in which there are opposites, which can conveniently be expressed with positive/negative numbers. Here are some examples:Having money (positive), having a debt (negative)Getting a profit (positive) or a loss (negative) with a business ventureAn altitude above (positive) or below (negative) sea levelGaining points or losing points in a gameMoving in one direction or in the opposite direction. In this case, it is quite arbitrary which direction is chosen as positive.

What is the ordered pair of non-negative numbers?

They are coordinates of points in the first quadrant, as well as on the semi-axes bounding the first quadrant.

What set does a negative fraction belong to?

It belongs to the set of negative rational numbers, negative real numbers, fractionall numbers, rational numbers, real numbers.