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x^3 - 121x

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Q: What is the LCM of x squared 11x xsquared - 11x?
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What is the LCM of x2 squared plus 11x x2 squared minus 11x?

x^3 - 121x

What is the LCM OF x2 11x x2 -11x?

The LCM is the absolute value of x.

How do you factor x squared - 11x equals -10?


What is the solution to x squared minus x minus 72?

xsquared minus x minus 72

What are the factors of 3x squared minus 11x minus 4?

3x2 - 11x - 4 = (x-4)(3 x + 1)

What is x cubed minus 1?

xcubed-1 Answer::(X-1)(Xsquared+X+1) when you factor xcubed minus a number its the same thing as x cubed minus y cubed and x cubed minus y cubed factors to:: (x-y)(xsquared+xy+y squared) the first factor, (x-y), is the cubed root of the first and the cubed root of the second, so in the answer i have (x-1), which is x cubed minus one cubed :) the second factor, (xsquared+xy+ysquared), you take the first number squared, Xsquared, then the first and second one multiplied together, XY, and then the second number squared, Ysquared, so in the answer i have (xsquared+x+1), which is x squared, then x times 1 which is just x, and positive 1, which is negative 1 squared :) x^3 - 1

Will x squared plus 11x 10 factor completely?

I assume you mean...,X2 + 11X + 10(X + 1)(X + 10)==============factored

What values of x are solutions of 3x2 11x 20?

If you mean: 3x squared -11x -20 = 0 Then: x = -5 or x = 4/3

What is the square rootof xsquared plus 2 xy plus y squared?


How do you solve xsquared-14x 45?

If you mean: x squared -14x +45 then when factored it is (x-9)(x-5)

How do you get 81-18x plus xsquared from (9-x)squared?

Because: (9-x)(9-x) = 81-18x+x^2

What is the discriminant in x squared equals 11x?

The discriminant, for what it is worth in an example such as this, is 11.

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