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y = sin(-x)

Amplitude = 1

Period = 2 pi

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Q: Find the amplitude and period of the functions and sketch their graphs y equals sin -x?
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What is the period and amplitude for y equals 7 cos 2x?

amplitude =7. to find the period, set 2x equal to 2∏. then x=∏=period

The amplitude of the simple harmonic oscillator is doubled how does this affect the period?

Period remains the same. A motion is isochronous if its period is always constant and independent of the amplitude.

Is amplitude same as period?

No. If compared to ocean waves, amplitude would be wave height, and period would be how long to next wave.

What is the amplitude and period of f(t) -5 cos(8t)?

Amplitude = 5 Period = pi/4 radians (= 45 degrees).

Does a period of a pendulum depend on the amplitude?

For very little swings, no, the period is unrelated to the amplitude. For larger swings, however, the period increases slightly due to circular error.

Does the period depend on the angular amplitude of the oscillation?

As long as angular amplitude is kept small, the period does not depend on the angular amplitude of the oscillation. It is simply dependent on the weight. It should be noted that to some extent period actually does depend on the angular amplitude and if it gets too large, the effect will become noticeable.

What happen to period of a pendulum if amplitude doubled?

it increases

Why the amplitude doesn't depend on frequency and time period?

Amplitude is how loud sound is and does not change a sounds pitch. They are independent.

What are the attributes of a sinusoidal waveform?

Amplitude, frequency/period and phase.

The period of anharmonic vibrations is independent of the amplitude?

Yes, the period doesn't influence or depend on the amplitude of vibrations. Tides and earthquakes have vibrations with long periods and enormous amplitude. The timing crystal in a 'quartz' wristwatch has vibrations with short period and tiny amplitude. The sound playing through a loudspeaker or a set of earbuds can sweep through the full frequency range of human hearing ... changing the period of the vibrations from 0.05 second to 0.00005 second ... while maintaining constant amplitude.

Does increased amplitude affect the wavelength or frequency?

No, that is impossible. Amplitude has to do with the magnitude of the wave and wavelength has to to with time and period and frequency in a medium

Why do you use line graphs?

You use line graphs to see how something changes over a period of time , Such as weeks,days,months,or even years . We use line graphs alot!

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