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Period is how long it takes for the sine and cosine functions to restart repeating themselves. Both have a period of 2pi (360 degrees).

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Q: What is period as it pertains to the graph of sine and cosine?
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How can you tell if a graph is a sine function or a cosine function?

sine graph will be formed at origine of graph and cosine graph is find on y-axise

What is the difference between a sine graph and a cosine graph?

The sine graph and the cosine graph are identical in shape, with the cosine graph shifted to the left by pi / 2, i.e. the sine starts at (x=0,y=0) and proceeds up with an initial slope of one, and the cosine starts at (x=0,y=1), and proceeds down with an initial slope of zero.

What is the difference between negative sine and cosine graphs and positive sine and cosine graphs?

The negative sine graph and the positive sine graph have opposite signs: when one is negative, the other is positive - by exactly the same amount. The sine function is said to be an odd function. The two graphs for cosine are the same. The cosine function is said to be even.

How does the graph of the cosine function differ from a graph of a sine function?

the graph of cos(x)=1 when x=0the graph of sin(x)=0 when x=0.But that only tells part of the story. The two graphs are out of sync by pi/2 radians (or 90°; also referred to as 1/4 wavelength or 1/4 cycle). One cycle is 2*pi radians (the distance for the graph to get back where it started and repeat itself.The cosine graph is 'ahead' (leads) of the sine graph by 1/4 cycle. Or you can say that the sine graph lags the cosine graph by 1/4 cycle.

If two integers have the same sign what is the sine of their sum?

Sine(A+ B) = Sine(A)*Cosine(B) + Cosine(A)*Sine(B).

How do you find the cosine and the sine?

Sine= Opposite/ Hypotenuse Cosine= Adjacent/ Hypotenuse

Is sine and cosine a periodic function?

Yes they are. Both have a a period of 2 pi

What are the Differentiate the sine wave and cosine wave?

The differential of the sine function is the cosine function while the differential of the cosine function is the negative of the sine function.

How does the tangent function relate to sine and cosine?

Tangent = sine/cosine provided that cosine is non-zero. When cosine is 0, then tangent is undefined.

Why it is named sinusoidal wave or sine wave in ac?

It's called a sine wave because the waveform can be reproduced as a graph of the sine or cosine functions sin(x) or cos (x).

Why are sine and cosine functions used to describe periodic?

because sine & cosine functions are periodic.

Do the equations sine plus cosine and sine squared plus cosine squared both equal 1?

No, they do not.

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