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x2 + 12x - 11 = x2 + 12x + (12/2)2 - (12/2)2 - 11

= (x + 6)2 - 47

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Q: What is the answer to completing the square to x2 plus 12x-11?
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What is the solutions x2 12x11?

ask jesus.

What equation results from completing the square and then factoring x2 plus 16x 41?


Can you solve by completing the square x2 plus 10x plus 220?

No because the discriminant of the given quadratic expression is less than zero.

X2 plus 11x plus 11 equals 7x plus 9?

X2+11x+11 = 7x+9 X2+11x-7x+11-9 = 0 x2+4x+2 = 0 Solve as a quadratic equation by using the quadratic equation formula or by completing the square: x = -2 + or - the square root of 2

What does the equation y equals x2 - 6x plus 2 become after completing the square?

y = x2 - 6x + 2 y = x2 - 6x + 9 - 7 y = (x - 3)2 - 7

What are the solutions in completing the square x2 plus 6x equals 7?

x2 + 6x = 7 ⇒ x2 + 6x + 9 = 7 + 9 ⇒ (x + 3)2 = 16 ⇒ x + 3 = ±4 ⇒ x = -7 or 1

Is this a perfect square x2 plus 20?


What is a square root of a square?

Plus or minus the base. If the base is X and you square it, you get X2. If you take the square root of that, you get Plus or Minus X. This is because X*X equals X2 and -X*-X also equals X2.

What number must you add to complete the square of x2 minus14 equals 7?

Since there are only terms in x2 and constants, but none in x, completing the square is not an option! x2 - 14 = 7 x2 = 21 and so x2 = sqrt(21)

X2 plus 20x equals 30 solve by completing the square?

x2 + 20x +0 =30 [(20/2)2 =100] x2 + 20x + 100 =30 +100 √(x+10)2=√130 x+10=√130 x= −10+√130 √ means square root

Is there a math problem that cannot be solved by completing the square?

If you aren't dealing with algebra, such as x2+3x+21, then completing the square wont be able to solve the porblem, however if you are using algebra, and you cannot factorise, then completing the square will always work

What equation results from completing the square and then factoring x2-8x39?


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