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(x2 + 7x - 18) = (x + 9)(x - 2)

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2009-08-06 20:02:05
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Q: What is the factor to x squared plus 7x minus 18?
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What is the factor to x squared minus 7x minus 18?

(x + 2)(x - 9)

What is the factored form in math?

A factor is like this. Original :x^2 + 7x - 18 (( x squared plus six x minus 18) Factored: (x+9)(x-2) ((x plus nine times x minus two))

How do you factor x squared plus 3 x minus 18?

X2 + 3X - 18 Ask yourself, what two factors of - 18 add to 3? (X + 6)(X - 3) -----------------

How do you solve 5x-to-the-4th minus 483x-cubed plus 94x-squared plus 126x minus 18 equals 0?


How do you solve or factor 5x squared plus 33x plus 18?

5x squared plus 33x plus 18 = (5x + 3)(x + 6) x = -6, -3/5

What is x squared minus 18 plus 3x?

That factors to (x - 3)(x + 6)

How do you factor 3x squared plus 25xy-18 squared?

If that's -18y2, the answer is (3x - 2y)(x + 9y)

How do you factor x cubed plus 9x squared plus 2x plus 18?

Since the problem has 4 terms, first you factor x cubed plus 9x squared, then you factor 2x plus 18. So when you factor the first two term, you would get x sqaured (x plus 9). Then when you factor the last two terms and you get 2 (x plus 9). Ypure final answer would be (x squared plus 2)(x plus 9)

What is 12 squared plus 18 squared?

12 squared plus 18 squared is equal to 468.

2x squared minus 12x plus 18. factored?

2(x - 3)(x - 3)

What is the factor of 6x - 17x 18?

I'm not sure this was notated correctly. As written, this is -11x plus or minus 18, which doesn't factor.

How do you factor 0 equals 2m squared minus 2m plus 36?

0 = 2m^2 - 2m + 36 0 = 2(m^2 - m + 18) 0 = m^2 - m + 18

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