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Answer: I assume you are talking about the least common denominator.

If you multiply the denominators, you will get a common denominator. This will always work, if you need to add, subtract, or compare fractions.

However, the common denominator you thus get will not always be the LEAST common denominator. Examples:

* For denominators 7 and 11, the least common denominator is, indeed, the product (77).

* For denominators 4 and 6, the product is 24, but the least common denominator is 12.

* The difference can be more extreme, too; for denominators 100 and 200, the product is 20,000, but the least common denominator is only 200.

* Or even more extreme: if both fractions have the denominator 551, the product is 303,601. The least common denominator, of course, is just 551.

Answer: I am not sure but it's Lcd
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Q: If two fraction have unlike denominators then the LTD is the product of their denominations?
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If two fraction have unlike denominators then is the Lcd the product of their denominators?

I was told the Lcd is 4 not 8 is that true

What is the definition to unlike denominators?

unlike denominators: the bottom number of a fraction. to have unlike denominators you must have two fractions with a different number on the bottom of each fraction.

What is a fraction with different denominators called?

Unlike or dissimilar fraction.

What is the definition of unlike denominator?

The definition is a different denominator in a fraction

How does using fraction strips with like denominators make it possible to add fractions with unlike denominators?

because they are the same number

What is an unlike fraction?

i give up i have been asking this question for 9 years a unlike fraction is where you have two or more fractions and the denominators are all different

If two fractions have unlike denominators then is the Lcd the product of their denominators?

Not necessarily. The product of their denominators is a common denominator, but might not be the smallest. For instance, the LCD of one tenth and one twentieth is 20.

What do like and unlike fractions mean?

Like fractions have the same denominators (bottom part of fraction), unlike fractions do not.

What are fractions with unlike denominators mean?

The denominator is the bottom number in a fraction. Fractions like 1/3 and 1/4 have different numbers on the bottom. Those are unlike denominators.

What the difference between like and unlike fraction?

fractions having same denominators are like fractions & others are unlike fractions

How using fraction strips with like denominators make it possible to add fraction with unlike denominators?

You need to answer this question because your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

What is the rule for multiplying fractions with like denamonators?

Multiply all numerators to get numerator of the product. Multiply all denominators to get denominator of the product. This is true whether the factors have like or unlike denominators.